Tobacco Rat - Component EP

Tobacco Rat isn’t one to fluff around with his music. The Perth based producer is renowned for his dark, subterranean beats and brutish breakdowns.

Now, Tobacco Rat is back with an even harder hitting and masterfully produced EP entitled Component, released on Trench records. From when you first hit play, to the final fade out, it’s evident that Tobacco Rat has placed his soul into this EP.

The five track EP smacks you right between the ears from the get-go, and leaves you stunned. The opening track ‘Processed Mash’, a glitchy banger. This is followed by ‘Gangsta’, featuring the rhythmic vocals of Soma creating a hybrid of drum and bass, Aussie rap, topped off with a definite grime flair. ‘Engineer’ drops you into a dystopian science fiction thriller where computers and electronics reign and a mechanical, industrial uprising threatens. ‘BitDrop Pt2’ mixes in euphoric analogue synths with harsh glitches and shattering break downs. Closing track ‘BitDrop Pt4’ is a bona fide absolute banger with some of the most intense and captivating moments from the EP.

Tobacco Rat is a force to be reckoned with, be sure to keep an eye on his future releases and gigs.