Tobacco Rat - Unearth

The rat is back! Hard hitting bass and tech producer, Tobacco Rat has returned with another sonic sensation entitled, ‘Unearth’.

‘Unearth’ is everything we love about Tobacco Rat (plus more)! For ‘Unearth’ Tobacco Rat focuses his attention on developing a “minimalist” design. The use of “minimalist” is a complete lie, because Tobacco Rat goes absolutely wild! From agitated glitches rearing in the undertones, to the barbarous break downs and mephitic melodies, it’s clear Tobbaco Rat has strategically structured ‘Unearth’. ‘Unearth’ blends brutality with methodical mannerisms, resulting in a baroque single that renders intelligent design on all facades.

Tobacco Rat’s plague into Australian, and international bass scenes must not go unnoticed. I highly recommend tuning your ears into The Rat’s confronting yet appealing sound design. I can’t wait for the next one!