Tourist - Elixir

Tourist is back with another single, ‘Elixir’ following on from his recent album Everyday. ‘Elixir’ is the perfect transition away from Everyday, presenting familiar yet refreshed themes.

‘Elixir’ is a dreamy electric soundtrack to a new season. In regards to the track, Tourist explains, “‘Elixir’ I suppose is a reaction to my most recent album. I wanted to write from a more outward looking, sensory place. Often I make music with a firm personal narrative but with all this new music the sound is the story.”

Opening with melancholic notes, the production builds with choral synths. The distorted bass contrasts these shimmery tones, pulling both light and shade into the mix. This allows the track to achieve a compelling level of emotional complexity. The absence of lyrics allows you to fully appreciate the detail in the production. Every synth is full of texture and every sound melds perfectly together to create a rich and vibrant track.

With Everyday and ‘Elixir’, Tourist is on track for an exciting collection of new music this year.

Tourist PRESS PHOTO GENERAL Elixir.jpg