Tourist - Everyday

UK producer, Tourist’s highly anticipated album, Everyday is finally here. With a new direction evident in his latest singles, we’ve been eager to see how this would translate into a full album. Everyday does not disappoint, and it’s arguably Tourist’s most refined and cohesive release so far. 

 The album opens with ‘Awake’, a simple soundscape that captures different themes and sounds from the rest of record. It flows seamlessly into ‘Emily’ which is a personal favourite on the album. ‘Emily’ radiates pure confidence with its bold synth and fiery production. Next up is ‘Someone Else’ which delivers a warm and nostalgic indie-electronic feel. ‘Love Theme’ is another standout with an unexpected dreamy disco vibe. The production constantly evolves, making the track catchy and groovy with endless energy.

‘Pieces’ and ‘Gin Under The Sink’ offer some more experimental electro sounds. They flow into ‘Apollo’ which fuses grungy synth with pristine electronic ensembles.  ‘Hearts’ returns to an experimental sonic, resulting in an interesting and elusive track. ‘Violet’ grows on me more with each listen; it’s understated yet transcendent. Powerful chords give the track an emotional depth and introspective appeal. It’s full of texture and rhythm, perfectly balanced in its rich composition.

The album concludes with ‘Affection’. Again, this one pulls sounds and chords from various other tracks, which provides the album with a sense of closure. As a whole, Everyday is a journey from start to finish, exploring a full spectrum of emotion. It is polished and refined, showcasing Tourist’s true talent as a producer.

Be sure to catch Tourist live on his Australian tour next month.