Tourist - So

The man of the hour, Tourist has been ramping up his release schedule in preparation for his new album, resulting in the sensual single, ‘So’.

‘So’ is the latest cut from Tourist’s forthcoming album, following on from ‘Bunny’ released earlier last month. In a similar vein to ‘Bunny’, ‘So’ combines everything we love about Tourist’s sensational sonic and builds upon it. ‘So’s gradual development from an ambient vista to driving house ensemble is sprinkled with goosebump inducing moments. Crisp melodic highs morph with the bountiful bass and a vigorous rhythm. Tourist has generated a textured listening experience that evokes a sense of sensuous euphony. With each release, Tourist engenders wonder and awe for his forthcoming album, and ‘So’ is a testament to this hype.

Tourist is undoubtably one of the best producers in the scene. With his third studio album on the way, I can certainly say I’m more passionate than ever for what’s to come!