By Caspar Harvey & Ella Barrett

Two Friends kick started their 2017 with a hectic release of remixes from their 2016 hit, ‘Overdose, Ft. Natalola.’

Joining forces with four forthcoming producers, Two Friends supplied some serious movement to our bodies through the utterly insane, yet diverse sounds and style to the rendition of the original ‘soul house’ anthem.

The guys were just as excited as we are to hear the tunes,

“Super pumped to release these bad boys- got some of our favorite up and coming dudes on this pack and everyone brought totally different vibes to the original. Lots more coming soon that we are too stoked about. much love!" -Matt & Eli


Jameston Theives opens the remix pack and our ears with the basics that just get you moving to the beat. Before long, we really start to feel the energy in ‘Overdose,’ a super-charged drop throws the song into space with the electro-bass rhythms.

Before we get the chance to take a breath and stop moving, New Orleans favourite, CRWNS, spins the track into a paced intro before turning up the heat and futuristic bass sounds and taking control of the track, making it sound like his own.

Jinco throws his thoughts into the mix next with some contrasting dub and radical background bass. Of course without a doubt, some super interesting drops and fades flow through this track until the very final beat.

Closing the pack on a high note is newbie, Sokko. Sokko has caught our ears along with those of many others including The Chainsmokers, Gareth Emery and Henry Fong; He takes a similar approach to the original synthesis by boosting some bass and chord progressions only slightly and sticking to Natalola’s song structure. Sokko turns the OG masterpiece into the perfect dance tune.