Tyson Kraft - Haunt Me (Feat. Tiff Fung)

Tyson Kraft’s newest track, ‘Haunt Me’ featuring Tiff Fung is a multidimensional masterpiece.

‘Haunt Me’ is both a melodic and brooding synth heavy gem. Under the surface is an irresistible banger sure to be a future party pleaser. 'Haunt Me' possesses an indescribably energetic beat which contrasts the dreamy vocals of Tiff Fung. As the track shifts gear and increases intensity, it's clear that 'Haunt Me' is more than just a deep thinking tune, but an engaging dance track brimming with charisma and edge.

In an attempt to summarise this magnificent collaboration is in one word... Wow! Both Tyson Kraft and Tiff Fung are killing it, I'm hoping for more collaborations and releases from the pair.

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