Vera Blue - Mended


Celia Pavey, best known for her work as Vera Blue, has recently released ‘Mended’ a graceful single, leading up to her forthcoming album later this year.

I like relating to people and making them feel what I feel. It’s where I’ve grown to as an artist. That vulnerability is very special in music, being able to open up to your listeners is incredibly important.
— Vera Blue

Mended’ starts off with sooth textures followed by sweet, honey vocals, while fiery beats add a divine ambience to the song. Overall, it is an absolute stunner, if I say so myself. Vera's recent trip to the United States is where the inspiration for ‘Mended’ was created and co-written with band mates Andy and Thom Mak.

Vera Blue has certainly not disappointed fans with her releases in 2017. Her original 'Private' delighted fans, along with her collaboration with SLUMBERJACK on 'Fractured'.

Be sure to check out Vera Blue when this beautifully talented artist hits the road later this year on her Mended Tour, kicking off at Splendour In The Grass.

It was about a relationship that I had a few years ago. It had been a little while since we’d ended it and we hadn’t made amends, said we were sorry... It’s funny because you think the song is going to be about resolution, but we haven’t quite made it there yet.
— Vera Blue