VIDEO PREMIERE: Brayden Sibbald - Float

Western Australian producer and vocalist, Brayden Sibbald is back with another lush single, ‘Float’.

The atmospheric aura of ‘Float’ is established within the single’s opening notes. Soothing synths swirl through a minimalist beat, as Brayden Sibbald blends in brooding vocals. Each element gradually grows into an ensemble filled with introspection, languish, and lost desire. On repeat listens, Brayden Sibbald’s attention to detail flourishes, as delicate details reveal themselves through the single’s baroque structure. Accompanying ‘Float’s artful production is an equally rousing music video. The visual representation of ‘Float’ blends a resurgent retro semblance with clean-cut modern techniques. The avant-garde production perfectly mirror’s the recorded rendition. The audio-visual journey forged in ‘Float’ captures Brayden Sibbald’s ornate inner workings.

I highly recommend following Brayden Sibbald for a sonic and optical journey. I can’t wait for the Float EP due out later this month.

I toyed with a bunch of different styles for the song, I recently found an early demo of it from 2016 that was all acoustic, and another one from a bit later that was more rocky, and then a bit more electronic. When Matt (Gio) first heard the song he had an idea in his head for the production that he called ‘Bruce Springsteen Streets of Philadelphia meets Frank Ocean’ and I think it turned out great.
— Brayden Sibbald