Wafia - 83 Days

You've all probably heard of Netherlands born, Brissy based songstress Wafia, now the talented vocalist, and all round legend has returned with her single '83 Days'.

An elegantly produced backing track composed by Toro, allows for Wafia's vocals to soar with tremendous emotion. Keep your eyes on Wafia as this is the first taste from her forthcoming EP set for release later this year.

This song comes after someone I love wouldn’t stay. I developed an obsession with noting down the ways their absence was so loud and present. How intangible they had become. How intangible the memories I was left with are. How I reminisce on only the highest points of the situation that I know were so bad for me. How something that ceased to exist anymore could be felt constantly.
— Wafia

83 Days’ is out now via Future Classic. Buy/stream it here