Wafia - I'm Good

Alt-pop sensation, Wafia has just dropped her new sizzling single, ‘I’m Good’.

‘I’m Good’ is Wafia’s first release since the VIII EP, where the artist struggled with heartbreak. It’s clear Wafia has conquered her qualms in ‘I’m Good’, as seen in her lyrics “This song ain’t even about you, ‘Cause I’m doin’ better without you.” This fresh vibe from Wafia is further excelled by an upbeat production, and self-assured demeanour. An overarching element of sass struts through the single’s pleasing progression. ‘I’m Good’ is empowering on a cinematic scale, which cements Wafia as one of the strongest voices in the Australian music scene.

I don’t know what direction Wafia will take in the future, but I’m excited for the ride!