Weyes Blood - Movies

‘Movies’ is the ethereal and glimmering release from American musician Natalie Mering, best known by her stage name Weyes Blood.

Within its opening moments, ‘Movies’ captivates the listener in an oscillating wave of sweeping synths, before Weyes Blood’s tender vocals surface. The artist’s choral control can only be described as ethereal as they swell throughout the soundscape. ‘Movies’ hypnotic character flows fluidly as Weyes Blood injects an ethereal dynamism into her angelic melodies. The production of ‘Movies’ emerges with a semblance to The Venus Project’s Vol. 1 LP, with the track evolving into its own absorbing affair. ‘Movie’s clever composition comes full circle, resulting in a staggering and blissful grand finale.

‘Movies’ is the third single from Weyes Blood’s upcoming album Titanic Rising, due April 5th. With a catalogue of impressive releases to her name, Weyes Blood is destined for an impressive career.

weyes blood.JPG