Willaris K - Alchemy EP

Forward thinking techno extraordinaire, Willaris K has thrown himself back into the limelight with his dark and brooding debut EP entitled Alchemy.

Alchemy's opening single 'Catch Phrase' builds upon Willaris K's impressive catalogue through use of sinister samples, swivelling synths, and propulsive production. 'Risen' the EP's second track, cultivates the coarse persona before erupting into a roaring symphony of sound. 'Riversong' translates the tone into a somber affair acting as an interlude of sorts. 'Perpetual Love' and its tender constitution marks Alchemy's midpoint with buoyant beats and a crisp consitution. 'Alchemy' the EP's title track, and Willaris K's first release still oozes a moody disposition, where striking synths and bruising beats battle. The second last track, 'Alchemy Reprise' remixes 'Alchemy' original intense aura with ethereal elements that dance delicately through a sparse soundscape. 'Dour Nights' close the Alchemy EP as poignant piano, atmospheric samples, and oscillating synths buoyantly bustle through the clustered composition.

Willaris K is without a doubt a master of his craft. With each release Willaris K further solidifies his position within both the Australian and international electronic music scenes. If you're loving what your hearing, you can catch the muso on tour throughout October.