Willaris. K - Dour Nights

Have you ever experienced something so remarkably amazing you just loose all function and become one with the experience? If not, well you're in for a treat when listening to Willaris. K's new track, 'Dour Nights'.

Willaris. K is solidifying himself as one of the standout producers of the Australian music scene. With the release of his debut track 'Alchemy' earlier this year, and now dropping his absolutely stunning track 'Dour Nights', the Northern NSW producer is making some serious waves. 

I've often expressed my love for brooding, dark electro, and the intense atmosphere it creates. Willaris. K doesn't only strike my expectations with 'Dour Nights', he far surpasses it. 'Dour Nights' is a journey from a state of somber semblance, that  blossoms into expansive array of artistic delicacy, achieved through the exquisite and purposeful use of driving beats, ghostly samples, piano and sweeping synths.

If you vibe dark electro as much as I do, you should definitely catch Willaris. K next time he's in your area! Speaking from experience, I can assure you this young musician's music is just as euphorically magical live.

‘Doür Nights’ is the feeling of that moment you let go of whatever it may be holding you back. It has come through many forms and it’s definitely taken the longest out of any other track to finish.
— Willaris. K
Willaris K 2.jpg