Yeo - Amy

Melbourne is a city renown for good food and even better music! Coincidentally, this is where muso/creative director Yeo resides. Over the past couple of months, the muso has been drip feeding fans singles off his upcoming debut album Desire Path which is set to be released in August.

‘Amy’ follows on from ‘Never Wanted That’ that featured the power vocals of Tassie Songstress, Asta. Funky beats establish the track’s indie electropop vibe as Yeo’s sugary vocals blossom into the limelight and the groovy synths enter the scene. This deliciousness is sustained throughout the duration of the song.

[Amy was born from] intimacy issues long thought dead revived by an incredible one night stand.
— Yeo

Electropop driven tunes such as ‘Amy’ and ‘Never Wanted That’ are effectively preparing fans for the Desire Path LP, which is going to be an exciting and adventurous debut album for Yeo.