Yul - Trankil

Techno producer, Yul opens up the underground French techno scene with his single 'Trankil'!

'Trankil' is all things techno and more! A driving BMP, an infectious production, and an overall commanding demeanour propels 'Trankil' into a realm of its own creation! Yul's use of minimalistic melodies, textured stems, and stirring samples compound into a hypnotic trance. On the surface, 'Trankil' is a relatively simple track. Delving deep into the production exposes Yul's intricate, and methodically crafted details.

After listening to 'Trankil' on repeat, and adding it to my "favourites" playlist, I can assure you I'm eagerly waiting for Yul's next release.

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 12.08.28 pm.png