Alice Ivy Interview - Music Has Always Played A Really Important Part In My Life

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By Luke Byatt,

Meet Alice Ivy, a funktastic magician of the music realm! Alice's unique approach to electronic music places her in a category of ingenuity that many artists strive for! Named as an artist to watch in 2017 by Purple Sneakers, and, it's pretty clear that Alice is one of Australia's top up and coming artists! We had a chat to Alice Ivy about music, and drinking excessive amounts of coconut water. 

Futuremag Music: How has your relationship with music been over the years?

Alice Ivy: Music has always played a really important part in my life. My parents used to take us on really long road trips and we'd listen to stuff like Queen, Pink Floyd and Supertramp for hours and hours in the car. When I got to high school I picked up guitar and played in a 25 piece all girl soul band. I listened to a lot of Marvin Gaye, Etta James, Curtis Mayfield throughout my teen years and was lucky enough to tour Europe a couple of times. I realised I wanted to undertake a career in music after playing so many shows at such a young age because it just made me so happy. 

Futuremag Music: What are some of your favourite technical/ production techniques you implement you’re your songs?

Alice Ivy: I really love merging songs together, especially live so the set doesn't stop. I  think that it's super cool and a great way to keep the energy up. I also live using a beat repeat on drums and on the master track to muck around with timing and freak people out. To be honest I think the best technique in a mixing scenario is to not worry about the theory and just trust your ears - who cares if it sounds good. 

Futuremag Music: What is your favourite piece of equipment, will you be taking it to the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl?

Alice Ivy: My favourite piece of equipment to use in the studio is my Korg Minilogue, it's an amazing new release by Korg and I've written most of my new stuff on it. I will not be taking it to Valley Crawl! However my favourite thing to use live is my Akai APC 40. It's just the perfect surface for me to work with live. 

Futuremag Music: You've been invited to tour with Urthboy, Remi and Banoffeee; are there any plans with collaborating with them in the future?

Alice Ivy: They are all amazing artists and I would love to do something with them one day. 

Futuremag Music: What are your passions outside of music?

Alice Ivy: I love travelling which is cool because touring has allowed me to do that. I also love my dog and drinking excessive amounts of coconut water. 

Futuremag Music: What’s install for you for the remainder of 2017?

Alice Ivy: I'm going on a 17 date tour with Urthboy, releasing some new material, heading to Canada and the US to play some shows and we'll see ;)

Catch Alice Ivy at the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl!