Aeora Interview - Stronger Now

Futuremag Music: Has music always been a big influence in your life? How'd you move into the music industry?

Aeora: Yes, I think it became a really big thing for me when I realised music could be a way to connect to feelings or situations I had been through. When I learnt that, I guess I started to write music myself so I could talk about my own feelings and experiences in a much more personal way. Its always been an outlet for me. 

As for moving into the industry - I was working at a cafe that my (now) manager worked at too and she liked my music so got me some gigs. That was 2 years ago! I hadn't really done anything outside school before that. 

Futuremag Music: What is the meaning / inspiration behind 'Fenceline'? 

Aeora: I was writing about a past relationship and was thinking about who I was back then and who I am today. It kind of grew from that and became more about the idea that I feel much stronger now than I did before.

Futuremag Music: What has the response been like since its release?

Aeora: The response from a lot of my friends have been really, really good. A lot of people say its my biggest song to date, and I'm really happy with that response. I also really do appreciate all the attention the song has gotten from blogs and radio stations. 

Futuremag Music: If you could make a cocktail called Aeora, what would you put into it? To be describe you and your music.

Aeora: I'm a big fan of whiskey, so probably whiskey and bitters. And then like maybe some smokey aromas. I don't know, I really like those smokey flavours in cocktails - probably not everyone's favourite. I guess this actually describes my music pretty well haha. 

Futuremag Music: Are there any major producers that you would like to work with in the future? 

Aeora: SOHN would be really, really cool. He's got some really cool ideas that blend a lot of natural sounds with a lot of electronic sounds. He makes some really nice balances between them. Lil Silva makes really nice sounding beats and sets a really nice mood in all his tracks. There's also this artist named TALA and she makes some really interesting sounding music that I would love to learn/work with one day. I also really like Shlohmo's stuff. 

Futuremag Music: What else do we expect to see from Aeora later this year?

Aeora: I'm going to be releasing some more music by the end of the year and just focusing on writing music. I have a lot of plans for the future, but this year for me is just about learning and trying new things.