Archy Stranger Interview - Transcending The Ranks

We caught up with prolific producer and composer, Archy Stranger. The Melbourne based muso has been working behind the scenes with the likes of Tkay Maidza, Tobias, and Austen. We previously spoke Archy Stranger when he was a new kid on the block and another time following the release of ‘Last Week’. For our third interview we delved into the artist’s newest single, ‘Home’, collaborating with other acts, and the future of the project.

Futuremag Music: Hey Archy Stranger, what's good?

Archy Stranger: Just been busy adding the finishing touches to my debut EP which should be coming out in the next month or so!

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through your new single 'Home'? What was your favourite aspect of writing and producing the track?

Archy Stranger: The writing process for ‘Home’ was kind of an interesting one and stretched out over a couple of years. I laid down the original vocal idea after coming back from travelling a few years ago but just sat on it for a while. I kept on coming back to it and trying to perfect the production and actually ended up making an entirely new beat for the final version that you hear now. I also got my friend Austen to lay down some backing vocals which really helped to take it to the next level and finish it off.

Home Press shot.JPG

Futuremag Music: Can you please outline your collaborations and writing for other artists?

Archy Stranger: I guess it’s different with every artist. I’ve had people email me vocal ideas before which I’ve then added production around but for me the best collaborations always happen when you’re in the same room as someone, going back and forth with ideas. I think the really cool thing about collaborating is you often end up with new ideas that one person by themselves probably would never have thought of.

Futuremag Music: What does the future hold for the project?

Archy Stranger: I’ve got an EP coming out on the 26th of July. It’s 5 songs that I’m really happy with and it’s going to be really exciting to have them out in the world. I’ve also got some songs that I’ve done production on that will hopefully be surfacing in the coming months as well. So a lot of new music on the way which feels really good.