Aussies On Ground at Hidden Festival

Last weekend we headed to Hidden Festival in Brisbane’s Victoria Park. During our time on site we caught up with local legends Godlands and Hydraulix. Portraits by Harry White (@the.white.jay)


I always love talking to Godlands, so when the opportunity rose to talk to her at Hidden, I jumped at the chance. Here’s our little chat before her set at Hidden Festival, Brisbane.

Godlands: Check check one two! Heyyyyyy!

Futuremag Music: hahaha, hey mate, how’re you going?

Godlands: Fantastic, but I’m cooking at the moment, I have about three layers on just for the gram.

Futuremag Music: Just for the gram is a lot of commitment in this 30 degree heat!

Godlands: Ahhh honestly complete regrets… Actually no regrets because I have a Justin Bieber shirt on underneath. Look at it, hahaha, it’s the big reveal! So you know where my head is at today, it’s all over the shop.

Futuremag Music: Well that’s the best part about trap and bass. What can we expect from your forthcoming powerhouse set?

Godlands: This is a completely new set, I have some banging tunes, but I haven’t had a chance to perform it properly until now. I’m just as excited as everyone else! It’s definitely going to be bass-y, and move up and down the BPM scale. Keeping it funky, keeping it fresh, keep it fun!

Futuremag Music: Good stuff, I’m very keen! The festival is called Hidden, so what is something you’ve hidden or what’s your go to hide and seek spot?

Godlands: Hahaha, I’m going to go with the first one.

Futuremag Music: Sorry to throw you under the bus!

Godlands: It depends how secret we get, hahaha… [Answer redacted… we don’t snitch]

Futuremag Music: I know you’re a fan of dating shows, can you talk me through that?

Godlands: Ahhh I love it! I get progressively pissed as the episodes go and I’m flying by the end of it. You can’t watch those shows sober, I don’t know how people do it. Also, just to throw it in there, I do love cooking shows. Let’s go to the food channel and switch it up on channel 33, SBS Food. I’m not sponsored I swear!

Futuremag Music: Thanks so much for the chat Godlands!

Godlands: Cheers Lukey, Cya!



I had a chat to Sydney sider and all round awesome lad, Hydraulix before his set at Hidden Brisbane. I’m a big fan of Hydraulix’s rambunctious compositions, so it was a pleasure to catch up.

Futuremag Music: I’m here with Hydraulix, how’re you going mate?

Hydraulix: Quite a bit, just working on music, playing, and just started my EP tour!

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through the EP and tour?

Hydraulix: The EP came really naturally over the six months I was working on it for. So far the reactions have been great on tour. I’m excited to play it live today and on the rest of the Hidden circuit!

Futuremag Music: What’s your favourite show you’ve played on the EP tour so far?

Hydraulix: Chinese Laundry by far! Even though Sydney is dying, Chinese Laundry is always pumping and not willing to give up. Shout out to my favourite venue in Australia, you guessed it, Chinese Laundry.

Futuremag Music: Hahaha, amazing! What are you bringing to Hidden Festival?

Hydraulix: There are a lot of unreleased tunes from myself and my friends. You’ll hear a lot of tracks that you haven’t heard before. There’s a lot of weird bass music is the plan for today!

Futuremag Music: What are you looking forward to about the Hidden Festival tour?

Hydraulix: Mainly getting to meet all the people I’ve been emailing and spoken to online but never actually met. That’s the thing I’m most excited about, it’s great to finally meet everyone in person.

Futuremag Music: The festival is called Hidden, so what is something you’ve hidden or what’s your go to hide and seek spot?

Hydraulix: Ahhh man, I don’t hide. It’s all out in the open here, there’s no secrets!

Futuremag Music: Thanks Hydraulix, hope you have a great one!

Hydraulix: You too mate!