Austen Interview - A Blossoming Success

We caught up with Brisbane’s Austen, a long time friend of Futuremag Music, ahead of her appearance at Big Pineapple on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday the 25th of May. With a blossoming catalogue of successes Austen is quickly becoming a prominent face in Australia’s pop landscape. Our chat with Austen delved into her recent single ‘Anthem’, touring, and her love of pineapple on pizza.

Futuremag Music: Hey Austen, how’re you going?

Austen: I’m good, a lot is happening! I just came back from a month-long trip in Europe, and I released ‘Anthem’ and took the single on tour! I also toured with Aurora when she was in Australia. It’s all happening!

Futuremag Music:  Could you talk us through the writing and production process for ‘Anthem’?

Austen: It started with in my bedroom with my midi keyboard. I wrote the basic structure and idea, then I went into a session with Archy Stranger who’s been behind a few of my tracks such as ‘Too High To Cry’. We made the production and instrumental bed there for a while. We were working on other stuff, but we kept coming back to ‘Anthem’s demo and fleshed it out to make it to what it is today.

‘Anthem’ is a very personal track. Lyrically, the track is quite vague, so it can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. That said, if you understand the backstory through knowing me personally, the theme becomes very clear. Overall, it’s an approachable track, but it has an underlying meaning about a breakup. It’s a nice blend, and I’m glad people are enjoying it.

Futuremag Music:  You were saying you just wrapped up your ‘Anthem’ tour and shows with Aurora. What’s your plan with Big Pineapple?

Austen:  The ‘Anthem’ tour was so fun, also my shows with Aurora were fantastic! I can’t wait to come to the Sunshine Coast to play Big Pineapple. I have evolved my set and it’s a lot more dynamic with more elements. Even though I’ll have an early set, Big Pineapple is the biggest festival I’ve played so I’m very excited! There will be a heap of new tracks that haven’t been released yet, so come down early!

Futuremag Music:  A funny one to wrap it up, does pineapple belong on pizza?

Austen: 3000% it does! I love it! Fruit is such a vibe on anything. With pineapple, if you cook it and put it with savoury stuff it makes it ten times better. There’s probably a bunch of exceptions to that, but we’ll ignore those.

Catch Austen At Big Pineapple