Austen Interview - Building Something Special


Futuremag Music, have been massive fans of Austen since her first release back in 2016. The Brisbane via Sydney based artist has composed something truely captivating, and special around her music. When the opportunity rose to talk to this talented musician, we couldn't resist.

Becoming one of the rising talents within the Australian electro-pop scene, Austen is building an impressive catalogue of breathtaking singles, and performances. With the release of her latest single, 'Storm' and a string of epic shows with The Kite String Tangle on his national tour, Austen has been making waves throughout the industry. You can read our article on 'Storm' HERE.

We sat down with Austen delving into her music career, latest single 'Storm', and the tour with TKST.

(Photos provided by FMM Head Photographer, Nick Carrogu)

Futuremag Music: How has your relationship been with music over the years?

Austen: Basically, my whole life has revolved around music. I started playing classical violin when I was five years old, so I had classical tuition, grades, and competitions throughout my schooling years. So that’s how my relationship with music started, and when I got into high school, I started doing musical theatre, playing in various bands, and just writing music. I wrote a lot of soul, and jazz influenced music early on. I started to get into punk music, and that’s when I became really inspired to pursue music as a career. I always wanted to do something with music; I wanted to learn more about it and get better as a writer and musician. I went to uni and did a bachelor’s degree at the Conservatorium, where I did a whole bunch of different styles.

I never thought I would do anything else but music, this is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Futuremag Music: How did you start up with the Austen project?

Austen: When I was writing a whole bunch of songs, and collaborating with a lot of different electronic producers trying to find a style I liked aesthetically and sonically. I wanted to be creative in the realm of pop music. I had a few songs that I wanted to release and I formed Austen so I could broadcast my creative output, out there, into the world.


Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your sound development and song writing?

Austen: I think my vibe, and inspirations for writing music, and the atmosphere I try to create within my music change just a little from song to song. Obviously, each song has a different story to tell, therefore a different atmosphere, but it’s all tied together. It’s so hard to say at the moment, because so much that I’ve written is still yet unreleased, so people will see the big picture when it is. I think the main defining vibe within my music has stayed the same at its core andjust developed.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your new single ‘Storm’? It’s an absolute banger!

Austen: Thank you! I wrote storm on my guitar while sitting in my bedroom, and it was one of those songs that just came together really quickly. Sometimes you sit down and think “I really want to write about something” and you tinker away and refine things over a period of time, but with ‘Storm’ I was really in the moment. I think it all came out within half an hour or forty-five minutes, something like that… I wrote it down and kept playing it to myself over the next few weeks, and eventually I hooked up with James Angus, an awesome producer in Brisbane and we worked on it. We went to the studio and first came up with the basic beat and the vocoder hook that ties the whole song together - which is my favourite part of the production. We just built the whole song off and around the vocoder, and we were really on the same page with it.


Futuremag Music: You’re currently on tour with The Kite String Tangle, what’s the reception when you perform ‘Storm’ live?

Austen: It has been so sick finishing the set with ‘Storm’. Before we set out on tour I planned to play it to close the set. It’s not the most upbeat song I play, it’s quite brooding and dark compared to some of my other stuff I play during my live set but it’s been amazing seeing how people vibe and move to it.

I’ve also jumped up with Danny, The Kite String Tangle to sing ‘Stone Cold’ and ‘The Prize’ at a few shows. It’s just been cool to do my opening set, then come back out being like “Hey, it’s me again!” *laughs*

The tour has honestly been so fun, I love Golden Vessel and The Kite String Tangle and their teams. We’re all so stoked to go on this tour and meet everyone who’s come out to see us play. I’ve never actually played in Adelaide before, and the crowd there was so nice! It warmed my heart a little bit, people were so friendly and came up to have a chat. The crowds in Sydney and Brisbane were incredible too.  Obviously, Brisbane has a special place in my heart, and to see the triffid packed out is next level. We still have two shows in Melbourne and two shows in Perth, then we’re all finished.

Futuremag Music: If 'Austen' was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Austen: Let me think about this, I feel like there will be a little bit of glitter, maybe some absinthe, there would probably be coffee, because my sound is a little bit dark, and has an eerie energy to it. I think it might be an espresso martini with a sprinkling of glitter, and a dash of your ex’s tears.

Futuremag Music: What’s the plan for the Austen project in the coming year?

Austen: Let’s just say I have an EP and it’s going to come out, but I can’t tell you when. I also have more shows that I’m announcing soon after this tour ends, but I can’t tell you those right now either! Haha. Soon.