BAYNK Interview - A Rush of Adrenaline

We caught up with BAYNK following the release of his Someone’s EP II record. The EP is a collection of some of the New Zealander’s best work to date, featuring an assortment of fantastic collaborators. We chatted to Jock, the legend behind BAYNK about his production process, working with others, and his future direction.

Futuremag Music: Hey BAYNK, how're you doing?

BAYNK: I’m great thanks for asking!

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through your production process? What's your favourite part of the song writing process?

BAYNK: Different every time. Usually wait for a blast of inspiration on emotion before I sit down and try write something. I play keys the most so usually start with chords on some sort of piano then I’ll build out synth parts / drums from there. Whenever I feel like I have a strong melody idea I’ll start a microphone recording and will just scat over the instrumental until I have something promising. Then I’ll try and wrangle some lyrics out of whatever I have. If it doesn’t work then I’ll start another song.

Getting chills is my favourite part. The little rush of adrenaline when you know you have something good. Doesn’t happen that often.

EP II Press Photo.JPG

Futuremag Music: Can you outline your collaborations? How does working with someone affect the outcome of a release?

BAYNK: You just have to make space for their personal style. Give them some ground to work with so it really feels like a collaboration and that you're not just forcing them into something they might not want to do. It makes for a stronger record. 

Futuremag Music: What's the plan for your forthcoming Australia, New Zealand and Asia tour? What are you bringing to the table? 

BAYNK: I think the more the sound evolves and the more I can get away with just playing my own music the more immersive the shows will become. I sing more now and have become a bit more of a frontman. Saxophone is still included and a lot more focus has been put on visuals as well as show specific production / lighting. I’m generally more confidant on stage than I used to be previous to this EP and I think that in itself makes the show 2X better than it might have been. 

Futuremag Music: What does the future hold for the BAYNK project?

BAYNK: Some more exploration into the audio-visual world. I really find it necessary to supplement the music creation with other forms of creativity. One can find themselves getting a bit stale if it's all music and nothing else. That’s how it works for me at least.

Someone's EP II Cover Art.jpg