Bayview Terrace Interview - Refining Style

Meet Brisbane duo Bayview Terrace. Over the past year, the talented duo have been developing and refining their style. We had a chat to Guy Stacey from the band about its growth, writing process, and forthcoming appearance at the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl.

Futuremag Music: Hey Guy, how’s life treating you?

Bayview Terrace: Pretty chill, just coming out of Christmas and New Years.  I went over to Perth and spent some time with family over there which was relaxing. Since coming back to Brisbane it’s been nonstop music.

Futuremag Music: Talking about an output of music, how did you meet up with Ryan and start the Bayview Terrace project?

Bayview Terrace: Funnily enough, we known each other since we were four years old, but we didn’t do much music together. Ryan did a lot of production and DJ stuff, and I played in a bunch of bands.  Then we were living together, and one afternoon we decided we’d start making music together. I’m not sure why it took us so long but here we are!

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your writing process of working together?

Bayview Terrace: We’ve changed it up in the last few months. We know we want to make fun groovers, so Ryan will lay down a beat and for an hour or so we’ll jam until we find something we like.  We kind of build it from there. Ryan is good with the sound design side of things, as I jump on the lyrics and vocals. We give it a whirl and throw melodies over the top and make a structure out of it. It’s a very collaborative progression, we share everything to be honest.

Futuremag Music: Can you give insight to your previous releases and your future direction?

Bayview Terrace: Our previous tracks are very different sonically. Funny thing is they were written around the same time. We kind of new to the scene so we find ourselves experimenting with things in so many different genres. Reflecting on that we want to go in the direction of ‘Are You Listening,’ so a bit of a throwback 80s dance pop sound. Playing around with sounds is all part of the journey.

Futuremag Music: Talking about moving towards the 80s sound, is there any music on the horizon?

Bayview Terrace: Yeah, we sat down before Christmas and had a writing period for a couple of months. Now we’re consolidating those ideas and working on the tracks that are more sonically true to what we want to do.

Futuremag Music: Are people who come to Mountain Goat Valley Crawl going to have a taster of your new sound?

Bayview Terrace: 100% mate! We are happy with the ideas we are pumping out, so the set is almost all originals. Most of the set is going to be fresh stuff! We’ve tweaked with our live set up too, so we’re keen to hit the stage and see how that goes.

Futuremag Music: Who else are you keen to see at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl?

Bayview Terrace: There’s a huge list of awesome people on the line up! San Mei is one, I’ve seen her and she’s killing it! We also have mates like Jbox and LALKA playing so keen to see them too. LALKA does some pretty ferocious things live, so that’ll be cool. RAAVE TAPES are pretty great too!

Futuremag Music: To wrap it up, if ‘Bayview Terrace’ was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourselves and your music?

Bayview Terrace: Hahahha, the cocktail one, I knew this was coming!  The BVT cocktail would be anything to be consumed before a festival, so it’ll be pretty fun. Start off with Vodka or a Gin as a base, and then put a bit of pazzazz, a twist of fresh citrus, and a bit of soda water on top. From there I think you’d be good to go.