Bella Whitts Interview - Expression Through Art

Meet Bella Whitts, an Adelaide based designer and artist with a passion for Australian music. Bella's unique and funky design style dubbed 'Babes' celebrates diversity, originality, and creativity in all facets of life. Bella is a hard core music fan who has caught the attention of acts like Touch Sensitive, Flight Facilities, and RÜFÜS DU SOL with her unique designs! We had a chat to Bella about her designs, love of music, and much more.

Futuremag Music: Hey Bella, thanks for chatting with us! What's been happening in your stretch of the woods?

So much! I’m currently in Thailand / Europe staying with my uncle and doing a little bit of graphic design work experience for a few months. Prior to that I had to set up 3 Babe exhibitions within 1 week with two openings, finish off a whole pile of babe commissions and I was incredibly lucky to be asked to collaborate with flight facilities to design some official merch for their Aussie tour!! (Which was literally a dream come true). It’s been bananas but so much fun.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk me through the concept of 'Babes', how'd it come about?

I came up with the particular illustration style about 3 years ago now. I just spent a few days one summer endlessly drawing faces and slightly altering them till I was happy. I filled a whole sketch book from front to back. Seeing the development is the coolest thing ever.

Basically, babes are an expression of how I’m feeling and what I believe. They reflect funky, original, unique, happy, strong and creative individuals (babes and dude babes) that deserve to be celebrated.

Futuremag Music: When you start a new 'Babes' series, say 'Jungle Babes' or a new project, how do you select your subjects? What goes into the creative process of developing a new series?

I become inspired by something that makes me want to create. Maybe an idea, a new song (that’s a popular one) inspiration from another artist, a colour combination, fashion, when someone does something amazing - my emotion is expressed through the art.

Babes By Bella Whitts

Babes By Bella Whitts

Bella Whitts

Bella Whitts

Futuremag Music: I know you're a passionate music fan, does that tie into your art and creative style?

150 billion percent. I loooove listening to music whilst I’m creating. It really takes me into this meditative state where I become so engrossed in my work that I literally lose track of time. It would amount to days that have disappeared from my life in this way... It’s hard to explain but I feel like everyone has an outlet like this in some shape or form and lots of people would be able to relate.

I really love listening to sets from artists. They obviously go for much longer and I just love the way the tracks roll into each other. It keeps me in the uninterrupted zone but still cycles through different vibes to keep it fresh and interesting.

Futuremag Music: With portraits of Touch Sensitive, Client Liaison and many more dawning your catalogue, it's clear you love Aussie music. How do you see the local music scene, both in Adelaide, and nationally developing in the coming years? How do you want it to develop?

I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge on this topic to respond properly but its is amazing to see how bands grow and develop  with social media, good branding and obviously a hell of a lot of talent.

I feel like the Aussies are in this beautiful tight knit community where creatives from various art disciplines collaborate and make cool stuff. Small bands too, for example my friends, electronic and sax duo, ‘Hartway’ are absolutely killing the game. They’re producing the funkiest music ever and getting incredible gigs all thanks to this amazing sense of community and opportunities that have been given to them and they’ve worked hard for within the music industry. I’m incredibly excited to see what’s to come from so many Aussie bands in the future.

Client Liaison By Bella Whitts

Client Liaison By Bella Whitts

Touch Sensitive By Bella Whitts

Touch Sensitive By Bella Whitts

Futuremag Music: A funny one to wrap it up. If you were a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your designs?

Haha!! Hmm.. I had some incredible cocktails in London a few weeks back and I’d like to hope I was as funky and fruity as them.. We’re talking passionfruit, lichee, pineapple bitta mango - and whatever alcohol takes your fancy coz babes are diverse AF and suit anyone’s taste. Hahah!


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