Blaine Stranger Interview - Mesmerising Bangers

Sydney producer Blaine Stranger dives into the second half of 2017 with his two new tracks ‘Mesmerise’ and ‘Get Down’. Both tracks were released via Viper Recordings, as part of Stranger’s exclusive signing to one of the most renowned Drum & Bass labels in the world.

The announcement coincides with Blaine Stranger’s recent signing to management agency Audiopaxx, alongside clients such as Oski, PhaseOne, Carmada, L D R U, Yahtzel, and more!

We had a chat to Blaine about his new singles, his creative process, narcho cocktails, plus more!

Futuremag Music: Your tracks are absolutely banging! When did you decide you wanted to move into the realm of electronic music, and production? Who are you influenced by?

Blaine Stranger:  Thank you!  I started getting into electronic music around 2010, dubstep and house in particular.  Though, with that said, I used to listen to my mums Cafe Del Mar compilation CD's back in late primary/early high school, but I had no idea what 'electronic music' was back then, I just really enjoyed what I was hearing!  I started producing in 2011.

Some of my biggest influences musically would be artists like Tool, Solar Fields and Pink Floyd!

Futuremag Music: Your singles ‘Mesmerise’ and ‘Get Down’ can be best describes as a Drum and Bass masterpieces that are driven by a frantic aura. What was the creative process of each single? What are your favourite aspects in each track?

Blaine Stranger:  Mesmerise - Started with the vocal sample and building the verse, was listening to 'Dimension-Generator' heaps at the time and wanted to make a similar 'bouncy' sort of track! Get Down -  The hardstyle lead was the most fun part to make of this track, I love making big obnoxious leads/hooks that make you (hopefully) want to put your hands up and scream.

Futuremag Music: If you could Make a cocktail called “Blaine Stranger”. What would you put in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Blaine Stranger:  If you guys could help me make a Nacho cocktail of some sort, that has me written all over it!

Futuremag Music: What does the future hold for the Blaine Stranger project?

Blaine Stranger: Loads more bangers and love songs!  I've got some interstate shows coming up too, so keen to get down on the d-floor with lots of new faces!