Borderland State Interview - Simple Yet Detailed

We caught up with one of our favourite producers, Borderland State following the release of his single ‘Say It’ featuring Akacia. Since exploding into the scene with his competition winning remix of DMA’s ‘The End’, Borderland State has been tinkering away planning a series of releases. We caught up with Luke Middleton, the man behind the Borderland State project to chat about his new single, the future of the project, and cocktails.

Futuremag Music: Hey Borderland State, how're you going?

Borderland State: Hey, I’m doing pretty fantastic. Thanks for asking :)

Futuremag Music: Congratulation on the release of 'Say It', what went into the production process?

Borderland State: Thank you! ‘Say It’ is actually one of my oldest songs. It’s taken on about three different forms before I settled on what you hear today. It started with the guitar line you can hear in the chorus and a simple arp. Then it gradually evolved over time. I really wanted to challenge myself to try and make something that is a little less ambient and a little more “accessible” so to speak. My music has always lacked a prominent structure, so this is something I focused on.

Futuremag Music: How did you loop up with the track's vocalist, Akacia?

Borderland State: This came about through a mutual friend! I was chatting to him about my thoughts on the song and how I wanted a certain type of vocalist and he put me in touch with Akacia. I knew straight away she would be perfect for the track. Collaboration is something that is still very new to me, so it’s really exciting to see how my process changes when working with someone else and the results that that yields. I know for sure it’s something I want to do a lot more of!


Futuremag Music: What does the future hold for the Borderland State project?

Borderland State: More music and more shows! Now that ‘Say It’ is out we are already thinking about the next release and the planning around that. I have quite a few new tunes that I’m really excited about setting loose into the world.

Futuremag Music: If 'Borderland State' was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Borderland State: A Negroni for sure! Gin, Vermouth, Campari. Simple yet detailed. Plus gin is just basically the best drink ever.