Broods Interview - Pop Music and Sunshine

We caught up with Georgia from powerhouse electro pop duo, Broods ahead of their performance at Big Pineapple on the 25th of May. We delved into the release of Don’t Feed The Pop Monster, the album’s remixes and their live show.

Futuremag Music: Hey Broods, how’re you guys going?

Broods: Great thanks, just coming down from the album release.

Futuremag Music: It hasn’t been too long since we had a chat to Caleb about Don’t Feed The Pop Monster. Now the album is out in the world, what’s the reaction been like?

Broods: It’s kinda hard to gauge the reaction until we play it live. The response has been amazing throughout the north American tour we just finished. Its interesting to see what songs people sing along to off the new record. There were a bunch of people that seemed to know every new song which is dope. We love the novelty of a full album and its special when our fans digest it as the whole body of work (not just singles). 

Futuremag Music: There’s been a few remixes coming from the album, what do you like about remixes? How do you pick who remixes a track?

Broods: The beauty of remixes is that it can evolve a song in so many ways. It can flip perspective and genre and it lets us and our fans enjoy what we've made in a new context.


Futuremag Music: How do you translate your studio rendition of the album into a live setting? What’s your favourite aspect of performing the record?

Broods: The connection you make when you play it live is so special (sometimes overwhelmingly). For this live show we’ve played around a lot more. We choose how we take people through the new record, We evolve older stuff, and create moments that make it a whole experience for people. This new record is so fun to play live. We built it with a lot of intention so we play it live with a lot of intention too.

Futuremag Music: Talking about live performances, you guys are playing at Big Pineapple! What are you bringing to your performance in the Sunshine State?

Broods: Our best outfits and our sauciest dance moves.

Futuremag Music: A bit of a controversial one to wrap it up. Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Broods: I like it because I like eating.