Death Club 7 Interview - Manifested In Hard Electronic Music

It’s been a month since the release of Death Club 7’s exceptional album Fata Morgana. To celebrate, we had a chat about the different styles and themes present in the album and what to expect next!

Futuremag Music: Hey Pat, how are you going?

Death Club 7: Hello! I’m a bit sick actually… sick and tired of men.

Futuremag Music: Aren’t we all? Let’s talk about your new album. Fata Morgana is so exciting! How did you find inspiration for the darker cuts on the tracklist, ‘Cursed Crown’ and ‘Smoke’?

Death Club 7: Thank you - these two songs were actually the first and last songs I recorded for the album respectively. It’s kind of odd that I was in such a different emotional space when writing them and yet they turned out to be really similar sonically and thematically. I guess the inspiration was just how much I felt like I needed to be narcissistic and self-affirm at the time, which obviously manifested in the form of hard electronic songs. Whether I’m creating or listening to music, that sound always seems to evoke that feeling for me.

Futuremag Music: What led you to create more raw tracks such as ‘Something You’re Not Telling Me’ and ‘Bridge on Fire’?

Death Club 7: I think before and after any emotional explosion there is always a moment where you don’t know whether things are going to get better or worse, but you still have to choose a path no matter how unenlightened it is. These two songs are just a document of two of those moments more recently in my life. ‘Bridge on Fire’ came from one of the rare times that I chose to burn a bridge rather than put energy into trying to make a doomed situation work, whereas ‘Something You’re Not Telling Me’ is the literal preface to that moment.

Futuremag Music: Was it challenging to decide on an order for the tracklist?

Death Club 7: It was actually very easy - I think this is the first time the order of the songs really kind of decided itself, even before they were bigger than just a title and a concept. I’m happy with the flow of the album - I really wanted to capture a much bigger sense of time than is contained in the actual 29 minutes, because the events that inspired it spanned over such a long time. When I listen to it I honestly feel like I see my life flash before my eyes, and I hope that energy comes across in the tracklist.


Futuremag Music: Do you have any plans to bring your music to a live show?

Death Club 7: Of course! I love playing shows, not only because seeing people physically enjoying my music is so validating, but because i don’t really own a lot of studio equipment, so most of the time playing live is the first time I really get to test/hear my music in that kind of space - it excites me all over again every time. I definitely plan to play a lot throughout the year, hopefully in more cities this time. Someone tell Melbourne club owners I’m coming for them.

Futuremag Music: Who would your bucket list collaboration be with?

Death Club 7: I don’t think i’ll be able to die peacefully before I’m involved in some kind of collaboration with - by far - my biggest musical love and inspiration, Björk. If that means just making eye contact for two seconds across a packed GA, I would be fully content with that. I’ve also been having fun playing around on Soundation (not sponsored) with an artist named LOUGHIE who lives very far away from me (in Mildura), so hopefully one day one of our collaborations will see the light of day, but otherwise getting to make music in that way has been really beautiful.

Futuremag Music: Do you have any other exciting plans for 2019?

Death Club 7: If I told you, Liz from 4ZZZ would have to kill you…

Futuremag Music: Lastly, if Death Club 7 were a cocktail, what would be in it?

Death Club 7: Death Club 7 is not a cocktail, but a beer bottle full of cigarette butts that I myself accidentally take a sip out of.

Futuremag Music: Thanks so much for you time! Fata Morgana is one of the coolest Brisbane releases I’ve heard in a long time :)

Death Club 7: Thank you! I will hold high the torch of cool Brisbane releases until i take it to Melbourne with me.