EXCLUSIVE: Luke Alessi Interview - On A Journey

Meet Luke Alessi, one of Australia’s budding new exports. Since the project’s inception in late 2018, Luke Alessi has become a name to remember within the club scene receiving praise from leading producers and industry, including Rufus Du Sol. Today, the Melbourne based producer released his remix of Nyxen’s ‘Chains’ and an original ‘Moon In Scorpio’. We had an exclusive chat to Luke about today’s releases, his journey through the industry, and more.

Futuremag Music: Hey Luke, how's life treating you?

Luke Alessi: Life’s treating me great! It has its moments, but good things are happening right now, so I can’t complain.

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through your journey so far?

Luke Alessi: Well, I’ve been producing for about 6 years under an alias up until about 2017. I took a break from DJ’ing and releasing music to focus on crafting my sound and relaunched my new brand as “Luke Alessi” in late 2018. I would have to say though the highlight so far has been signing with Unknown Records and starting to release all my new music that I’ve been patiently working on, as well as the remix I have just done for ‘Lastlings’ which was released on one of my favourite artists ‘Rufus Du Sol's’ label.

Futuremag Music: You're making a name for yourself in the electronic music scene, and you just spoke about your remix of Lastlings' track 'Déjà vu' being released on Rufus Du Sol's new label ‘Rose Avenue’. How did you loop up with the Rufus and Lastlings? What was the remix process like?

Luke Alessi: One of my friends was actually asked originally to remix the tune, but his schedule was a bit tight and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to finish it in time. I asked if he could send me the stems to have a play, because I loved the vibe of the original. I ended up writing the majority of the track in a few hours and really loved where it was headed, so decided to finish it over the next few days. The process was fairly seamless. The stems were so awesome to work with and really complimented the style of tune I was going for, which always makes life easier as a producer! I wasn’t actually sure if they were going to sign it because they had no idea I was going to do the remix. When they came back to me saying they liked it, I was stoked!


Futuremag Music: Continuing on talking about remixes, today you released your remix of Nyxen's massive track 'Chains'. How did you go about remixing this one? How do you decide to keep elements and rework others?

Luke Alessi: I actually only used the vocal from this tune. I absolutely LOVE Nyxen’s voice, I think its super versatile and I’d been wanting to work with it since I first heard her music. I was pretty excited when I got asked to jump on this remix. I really wanted to make a festival stomper with this one, so stripping the tune back bare and just grabbing the vocals was all that was required. My favourite aspect of the remix would have to be the distorted chord stabs which build as the song progresses and draws the track out creating tension before each break and drop.


Futuremag Music: Transitioning away from flipping other people's work. Today, you've also released an original track, 'Moon In Scorpio'. Could you outline the writing process of the single?

Luke Alessi: ‘Moon In Scorpio’ was actually an idea I started a year or so ago. I wrote the basis of the track one particularly eerie night (which was actually a full moon in scorpio at the time hence the name haha) and I could never really finish the idea because I didn’t know where the track was headed. It was almost like once the vibe of the night had passed I had lost all my inspiration for the tune. I was lucky enough to find it again after being inspired on another seemingly dark and melancholic night. I feel the intense, mysterious, eerie vibrations that were in the air the nights I was working on the tune, are my favourite parts of the track. The process of writing an original compared to a remix, I feel is quite different because you don’t really have a starting point like you would with a remix. It is all your own work and that can prove a bit challenging at times particularly when the original spark or inspiration you had for the track has gone. You really have to ride the wave when it’s there because you don’t know how quick it’s going to fizzle out.

Futuremag Music: Each of these releases are pushing well past the five minute mark. What's the appeal of producing and releasing longer tracks?

Luke Alessi: I don’t necessarily have the intention to write long or short tunes. I just write music and if they end up being longer or shorter then so be it. I try not to put too many restrictions on myself with rules. Of course, it’s good to have general guidelines to follow, so things don’t get too out of hand but otherwise I just write. I guess I really like to draw my music out and be patient with it, build tension. I want the listener to be taken on a journey. I like to tell a story with my music and I just feel like, if you try to tell a story to fast then you might miss all the good bits…

Futuremag Music: A funny one to wrap it up, if 'Luke Alessi' was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Luke Alessi: Gin, vodka redbull and absynth. Because the gin and vodka makes you think you can do anything on it, the redbull will give you the energy to try and the absynth will leave you sitting on your ass at the end looking at the stars wondering WTF just happened.