GRAACE Interview - Emotions Are Beautiful

Meet GRAACE, one of Australia’s rising pop sensations. With the release of her sensuous singles, and now debut EP, GRAACE has entered the souls of fans with her insightful, and passionate pieces. We had a chat to GRAACE about her relationship with music, its therapeutic nature, her debut EP, Self Sabotage, and more.

Futuremag Music: Hey GRAACE, how’s life, the universe and everything?

GRAACE: Life is great, it’s super sunny outside right now!

Futuremag Music: Jumping into it, can you talk us through your relationship with music over the years?

GRAACE: I started playing classical piano when I was about six years old, and that progressed into me playing guitar, then I started writing music when I was about 12. I loved writing music at that time because I was listening to Joni Mitchell, Ben Howard, and Daughter. I’ve always spent so much time on music, I’m always trying to improve. I’d rather not go out with my friends and be in my room play piano, sing, and write music. Doing that, I feel like I’ve improved a lot. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone who writes music, and loves it as much as I do; it’s such a therapeutic part of my life and for other people.


Futuremag Music: You were talking about the therapeutic side of things. Does that tie into your writing process of your releases ‘Kissing Boys’ and ‘Last Night’?

GRAACE: I didn’t even try to write either of those songs, they legitimately flew out of me while I was writing at my piano. I think when I write vocals, they reflect how I feel, so it’s therapeutic. They’re like a journal or diary entry for me, and to be able to share it on a platform such as music is great. I let the music tell a story.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your single ‘SOS’?

GRAACE: Hahha yeah so, I wrote ‘SOS’ in about 20 minutes, it was so easy to write. I was in a time where I was going out and wasn’t completely myself. Without even realising, I would be smiling and pretending I was fine when I wasn’t. One of the lines is “I’m calling SOS, but I’m good at hiding my issues.” You want someone to know those things, but people don’t notice unless you speak up about it. I don’t understand why people say, “I’m good thank you” instead of saying how they truly feel. It’s so stupid that in our society we can’t do that.

Futuremag Music: ‘SOS’ is such a powerful track that resonates. Are the themes of expressing emotions and mental health continued through your debut EP, Self Sabotage?

GRAACE: The whole EP is so vulnerable. Each song reflects a different point in my life. We’ve all told ourselves we’re not good enough, and it’s Self Sabotage. When I came up with the title, it gave me time to sit back, and think “why did I do this?” So many people do, and it’s crazy. I think with mental health you need to seriously sit down and think about your talents, and what makes you special. Everyone has different and diverse talents, and that makes them unique. When I showed my sister the EP she was like, “dude, you’re reading my mind.” I hope the EP gives someone the courage to reach out and talk about how they feel, and to be open. Emotions are beautiful, whether they’re sad or happy. I’m so grateful to be able to feel things. I feel everyone should take time to embrace that.

Futuremag Music: A weird one to wrap it up. If ‘GRAACE’ was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

GRAACE: Oooo what? Hahaha! Does it have to be an actual drink? Umm, okay! I love red wine, so I guess that’ll be it.  When you have a red wine, you start to open up, and the deep and meaningful come out.

Futuremag Music: Thanks for the chat GRAACE, hope you have a great one!

GRAACE: Thank you, it was lovely to talk to you!