Impressive Imports On Ground at Hidden Festival

During our on ground time at Hidden Festival in Brisbane last week we looped up with international imports and outstanding acts, Cray and Gentlemens Club. Portraits by Futuremag Music photographer, Harry White (@the.white.jay)

Gentlemens Club

Hailing from the UK, dubstep trio Gentlemens Club (Lewis, SOLOMAN, 50 Carrot) brought their lively demeanours and pumping tunes to Hidden Festival. We caught up with the group ahead of their set.

Futuremag Music: Hey Gentlemens Club, welcome to Hidden Festival 2019, how’s your time in Australia been?

Gentlemens Club (Lewis): Amazing man!

Gentlemens Club (SOLOMAN): It’s very sunny, so I can’t complain!

Futuremag Music: How great is it that the cyclone decided to bugger off?!

Gentlemens Club (50 Carrot): The weather has been prime today in Brisbane, someone is watching over us, thank god! It was a bit rainy in Auckland.

Futuremag Music: How’s the festival been so far? Who are you keen to see?

Gentlemens Club (Lewis): The festival is so stacked! The weather is way different to what we expected, we were preparing for rain so this is beautiful.

Gentlemens Club (SOLOMAN): Yesterday in Auckland was sick, everyone was going for it and having a great time.

Gentlemens Club (50 Carrot): Yeah definitely everyone who’s playing is outstanding.


Futuremag Music: What are you bringing to the table for Hidden Festival 2019?

Gentlemens Club (Lewis): Bass!

Gentlemens Club (SOLOMAN): Energy!

Gentlemens Club (50 Carrot): Yeah a lot of bass and energy, so hopefully people will enjoy.

Futuremag Music: The festival is called Hidden, what was your go to hide and seek spot when you were a kid?

Gentlemens Club (Lewis): I was brought up in the country side, so there were forests and fields to hide in. I nicked off into to the forest and hid.

Gentlemens Club (50 Carrot): Yeah, SOLOMON and I are both city kids so we didn’t really play hide and seek much.

Futuremag Music: Thanks so much for the chat Gentlemens Club, hope you have a great one!



International gaming and production superstar, Cray brought her pop culture inspired beats to Hidden Festival. We caught up with Cray to chat about the Hidden Festival circuit, music and gaming.

Futuremag Music: We’re here at Hidden Festival Brisbane with Cray. How’re you going? What’s new?

Cray: I’m good! I’ve never been to Australia, so everything is new, but it’s very exciting. It was a long and far flight!

Futuremag Music: How was the flight?

Cray: Everything was fine but the guy behind me was really sick, so everyone was freaking out! I woke up mid dream to everyone was screaming about this guy, but we arrived and we’re safe. I slept the whole way besides that one time I woke up, so I’m very relieved.

Futuremag Music: Jumping into festival chats, how was Hidden in Auckland?

Cray: It was incredible! It was a little different because of the cyclone and venue change but the energy was high, and everyone wanted to party. I’m really glad we didn’t get caught in the cyclone with the open air venue you have here in Brisbane. We showed up and it was all sunny and beautiful!

Futuremag Music: How does your Hidden shows differ from your regular headline spotlights?

Cray: For Hidden, I wanted to bring in a little more energy because the line up is a little heavy and full on sonically. I want my set to keep that energy up too.

Futuremag Music: Switching away from music, could you talk us through how you’re bridging the gap between gaming and music?

Cray: I’ve always been a gamer, so when I was trying to make my music career happen it was a slow roll with money, so I decided to start streaming on Twitch. I gamed everyday so I decided maybe I could make it work. I somehow ended up joining the Twitch culture of gaming and built a beautiful community there. Gaming is very inspirational to my music, so to bridge that gap is a dream for me. I was able to have my song added to Ninja’s (twitch streamer) compilation and that was basically my two babies (music and gaming) coming together. I love both music and gaming and I will always do both!

Futuremag Music: Continuing on with gaming and music. How do these industries intertie and how would you like the scenes develop in the future?

Cray: They’ve always been hand in hand, but recently they’ve been coming close together. I think gaming and electronic music isn’t as nerdy as it used to be. All the games I play intertie with my music tastes and style. To see more musicians play games and gamers make music is a dream, it’s great to see the industries grow together. In general all these games have amazing soundtracks and track listing of musicians is another great step forward.

Futuremag Music: To wrap it up, the festival is called Hidden what was and is your favourite hide and seek spot?

Cray: When I was a kid, I lived in front of these woods and I’d go deep and hide in there. I never was found so I got scared and alone, so I decided to hide in really easy spots so I would be found didn’t have to play anymore. I’m the worst hide and seeker ever!

Futuremag Music: Thanks for the chat Cray, hope you have a great one in Australia!

Cray: Thank you!

Luke Byatt