Invisible Minds Interview - Striving For Diversity

Meet Invisible Minds, a UK based muso with a knack for creating sensational electro! Invisible Minds has made waves in the international scene with the recent release of his single ‘Jump Jet’ in conjunction with Howard Hobbs. We had a chat to Tim Green the man behind the Invisible Minds project ahead of the Make Up Your Own Stories album release on 16th November, and show at Hoxton Hall, London on 13th November.

Futuremag Music: Hey Invisible Minds, how's life treating you?

Invisible Minds: Good thanks. Busy and not much time off, but I’m not complaining!

Futuremag Music: Can you please talk us through how you moved into music, and where do you see your relationship with it going in the future?

Invisible Minds: I’ve been into music since I was born. I played guitar and other instruments from a very early age. I’ve had a career in music for the last 12 years as a House & Techno producer, and DJ under my own name Tim Green. For the future, I want to continue what I’ve been doing, growing as an artist and song writer but also I want to expand into different avenues and areas of music. Producing other artists perhaps, or writing music for film.


Futuremag Music: How did you launch the Invisible Minds project? What's your favourite part of the writing and producing process?

Invisible Minds: Originally Invisible Minds was kept anonymous when we launched - this was due to me not wanting to conflict with my house and techno music under my Tim Green name. At the time of the first Invisible Minds single, I had just released my debut album as Tim Green. Eventually though, I revealed Invisible Minds to be me, once enough time had passed and once too many people were asking and enquiring who I was.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through the writing process for 'Jump Jet'? How did you loop up with Howard Hobbs?

Invisible Minds: ‘Jump Jet’ was a really old song I had started and intended to be instrumental. I could never finish the track and have the idea realised. I had so many different parts and sounds in the track, it was almost like 10 different songs. One day my manager, Nick said to just throw all the parts together in any way possible, then give the track to some vocalists. Thankfully one of the vocalists we found (who was recommended) was Howard! We never even met and he just wrote the vocals to ‘Jump Jet’ and ‘The Cut Girl’ separately from each other. It was incredible, he gave both songs such a great breath of life. I am so happy with what he did and how he improved and finished the songs!

Futuremag Music: What can fans expect from your forthcoming album, Make Up Your Own Stories?

Invisible Minds: A diverse selection of songs that create a rich insight into the history of Invisible Minds. A project that actually has some songs as old as 10 years on the album! I always liked the idea of a compilation album, that actually all came from the same artist haha. I strive for diversity in my music and like to push myself to these goals. To be able to write in different genres and sounds is always a welcome challenge for me.

Futuremag Music: A funny one to wrap it up. If 'Invisible Minds' was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Invisible Minds: Sake - as the alcohol. I love the smoothness of sake, and in my music and productions I’m always striving for smooth production.

Champagne - which helps with our Minds!

Lime Juice - for the twist and subtle surprise. I’m always putting in little twists in my music, like a big change for the last part of the song. I like to lift songs to other areas when people least expect it.

Ice - as it’s opaque, so I guess it’s a close cousin to being Invisible.

Basil - for some (Tim) Green.