Johnny Goth Interview - Kind of Weird/Kind of Goth

After the release of his Demons LP and recent split tape with Molly Drag, we had a chat with Johnny Goth about his music, live shows and experimentation.

Futuremag Music: Hey Johnny! Congratulations on the release your recent projects. How do you find inspiration to create so many stunning tracks?

Johnny Goth: Thank you - I find most of my inspiration comes from late night thought, typically around 3 AM. Most of my songs are about existence and relationships wether it be the relationship I have to myself, others, death, etc. 

Futuremag Music: You’ve been playing a few shows in the US recently, how did you find your music translates live?

Johnny Goth: It’s tricky. All my songs are recorded with the live performance aspect out of mind. Its easy to get carried away when producing and make things unplayable live. Especially when it comes to vocals. When we play its just three of us me, my bassist Valentino, and drummer Damon, but we can usually switch up songs enough to make them roughly the same. We’ve been experimenting with backing tracks recently also which would make songs a lot easier. Our live set right now leans a bit more toward the garage-rock side

Johnny Goth Live.jpeg

Futuremag Music: While ‘Demons’ is such an immerse album, the rest of your discography is equally as powerful and exciting. In live shows do you gravitate towards performing newer content or older tracks?

Johnny Goth: We usually play a mixture of new and old tracks, as well as some unreleased tracks that we like to perform live. 

Futuremag Music: Do you have a personal favourite project or song that you have made?

Johnny Goth: My favorite tends to be whichever the freshest release is, but I am happy with the Demons release. I think I had the most fun recording this release, especially tracks like ‘Let It Slide’, and ‘Demons’.

Futuremag Music: Part of the intrigue of your music is the goth aesthetic. How do you find it helps you explore themes and ideas in your production?

Johnny Goth: I find it makes videos and live performances more fun and interesting, but also feel that it allows me to get kind of weird with the music when it comes to which approach or sound I want to take for a track. 

Futuremag Music: To wrap up, several of us at Futuremag work as bartenders – myself included; if you had to describe your music in a cocktail what would be in it?

Johnny Goth: Love this question, I’d say it would be a mix of absinthe and coke with a lime.