Just A Gent Interview - Dapper Tunes

Meet Jacob Grant, best known for his work as DJ and producer Just A Gent. This true blue and dapper Aussie legend has returned with a classic banger entitled 'You'll Never Know' featuring the sublime Sydney duo MOZA. We had a bit of a gabber with Just A Gent about his new single, upcoming tour, and working with MOZA.

Futuremag Music: How'd you move into the electronic music scene?

Just A Gent: When I was really young, my cousin introduced me to the concept of DJing. I really got into pop/hip hop as I used to play at a bunch of discos and parties and it was in at the time. A shortly after, someone (I think it was my mum) bought me the ministry of sound clubbers guide to 2008 and from then on I was entranced.

Futuremag Music: How'd you meet the MOZA boys, what was it like working with them?

Just A Gent: I met Cam from Moza at a song writing camp a few years back. We worked on a track there with another producer named 'Ford' and wrote a banger that is still yet to be released. From there we ended up keeping in touch here and there until he came on tour with me on my last Australian run. Moza also opened for me at my Sydney show which is where I met Toby (The other half of Moza). I sent the instrumental to them earlier this year and they were big fans and they just got straight to work and emailed me back the first edit which was just nuts and I knew it had to be finished. They are legends and nothing but awesome to work with.

Futuremag Music: What are you looking forward to most about the 'You'll Never Know' tour?

Just A Gent: The thing I'm looking forward to most is playing out all of my new unreleased music, I really want to get a feel for what the crowds think of it and its really exciting testing out new music.

Futuremag Music: If you could make a cocktail called 'Just A Gent', what would you put into it? To best describe you and your music.

Just A Gent: A cocktail hey... I feel like a cocktail is too complicated to describe me and my music. I'm more of a simple man, something like Cognac on the rocks better describes it ;)

Futuremag Music: With the release of 'You'll Never Know', are we expecting to see an album or EP in the works?

Just A Gent: You sure are, I'm in the middle of finishing it up now and it’s going to be awesome!