Kendl Interview - Clearing The Mind

Meet Kendl a Melbourne based producer and composer delivering emotion driven electronica. We previously covered Kendl’s track ‘Ella’, which you can read about, HERE. We caught up with Kendl to chat about his career development, the production process for ‘Ella’, up coming projects, and more.

Futuremag Music: Hey Kendl how's life, the universe and everything?

Kendl: Hey! It feels great to be releasing new music again after a break. I took some needed time off and did some travelling after releasing my ‘Colours’ EP. Over 2018 I married my best friend, went trekking and surfing in Sri Lanka, climbed Mount Toubkal in Morocco and visited family in Kenya. It was good to get away and clear the mind. The experiences have given me a lot to write about too! 

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through your development as a creative? What are some highlights of your time in the music industry?

Kendl: Well, there were a couple of years learning how to write music in Ableton Live. I attended an online music course run by Dubspot, which is an electronic music school in New York. After that, there were about 4  - 5 years of making anything and everything and uploading it to Soundcloud. It has been a long journey of search and discovery with my music writing. I’m really happy with where I’m at now. The music comes from an honest and genuine place and I can’t wait to share what’s in the pipeline.

Some of the highlights have been self-releasing my own music. Receiving reviews and messages from listeners who have connected with my music from around the world, that’s a big one, I always love hearing from people. Also, meeting and collaborating with so many talented and like-minded artists.  

Kendl by Sergey Osipov

Kendl by Sergey Osipov

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your production process for 'Ella'? What's your favourite aspect of writing and releasing a track?

Kendl: It’s a bit hard for me to remember the process for ‘Ella’, I wrote this track over a year ago now and my process is always changing. It started off with a synth loop I had laying around. I’ve collected a lot of samples over time and sometimes I dig through them to see what’s there. I chopped up the synth loop and shuffled the melody around to create something completely different (that’s what you hear playing during the intro) and it all stemmed from there really. I wanted to create something uplifting with an immense amount of energy and drive. I’ve made some pretty big sounds using my Moog Sub 37. I used the Moog for the base and the roaring synth during the build. I like using lots of organic sounds and textures where I can, mainly in the percussion.

I use to find it quite daunting but I love starting something new, from a blank canvas, it’s exciting. I crave that endorphin hit you get once the idea comes together. For me, the best part of releasing music is connecting with people whose hearts it has resonated with, it’s a beautiful thing. I always hope my music can make a positive change in someone's life.

Kendl by Sergey Osipov

Kendl by Sergey Osipov

Futuremag Music: What can we expect from your forthcoming release 'Manyara'?

Kendl: I’ve been playing around a fair bit with my Hardware synthesisers, making patches and experimenting with tape delay and reverb effects. So it sounds quite different from my past music (before I became obsessed with hardware instruments). I’m looking forward to seeing how people will respond to ‘Manyara’. It’s a favourite of mine so far.

Futuremag Music: If 'Kendl' was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Kendl: Oooh man… This is a tricky one! I’d have to say a Margarita. Some quality 100% Agave Tequila for the punch, some triple sec for a bit of sweetness (and more PUNCH), some lime to balance everything out with a bit of stank face and a pinch of salt. The first taste reels you in and you want to go back for more! Not sure if that resonates with my personality as such, although I am pretty chilled.