King IV Interview - Audacious Electro

We caught up with Melbourne electro pop muso, King IV following the release of her new single ‘Basic’. We had a chat with Cheyenne Harper, the mind behind the King IV project about her new release, and all things music.

Futuremag Music: It’s been a while between releases, but you’ve more than made up for that with ‘Basic’! Could you talk us through how you created the track?

King IV: I wrote ‘Basic’ at the APRA AMCOS Songhubs with Josh Simons, the track actually amounted from a sample of Sideshow Bob’s laugh pitched-down. It sounded so cool, so we decided to build the beat around it, even the tiny percussive sounds are made out of the laugh. I’ve been a Simpsons fan for life so I find it really funny.

Futuremag Music: Lyrically, what does ‘Basic’ mean to you?

King IV: Basic is really just learning not to give a shit about what people think of you. It is allowing you to be in control of your own self-worth.

Futuremag Music: Who are some artists or projects that you have found inspiration in for your own work?

King IV: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Tommy Genesis, she scares me in a good way. Her songwriting style is really unpredictable, I love music that keeps you guessing and on your toes, and it really does that for me. Also anyone under the guidance of M.I.A is probably going to get my rating!

Image by Guilia McGauran

Image by Guilia McGauran

Futuremag Music: The cover art for ‘Basic’ is especially stunning, how did you make it a reality?

King IV: The cover art for ‘Basic’ was made with my good friend and long-time collaborator Giulia McGauran. The idea progressed through both of us, and was born out of a mood board consisting of BDSM Jessica Rabbit’s and James Bond villains. Giulia brought the cat idea to the table, where I messaged about 24 cats of instagram to find “the one”.

Futuremag Music: Is there anything exciting for you around the corner?

King IV: Yes! Stay tuned etc.

Futuremag Music: Thank you so much for your time. Lastly, if you were to describe you and your music as a cocktail, what would best suit you?

King IV: I answered this question a couple years ago and said something fireball related, which was pretty ambitious. Lately I’m probably an extra dirty martini - hard to swallow and takes drinking all of it to figure out whether you actually like it or not.