KLP Interview - Born To Perform

Meet KLP, a Sydney based vocalist, producer, radio host, and musical jack of all trades. With a selection of rollocking releases under her belt, KLP has returned with 'Amnesia' a buoyant and danceable track. We had a chat to KLP about her recent release, collaborations, and everything in between.

Futuremag Music: Jumping right into it, for those who don't know who you are can you give us a brief history about yourself and your relationship with music? 

KLP: I’ve got music running through my blood as my dad is a songwriter and runs a studio. I’ve been writing, singing and performing ever since I can remember and haven’t ever stopped since!

Futuremag Music: Over the past year and a bit you've worked with star-studded catalogue of musicians. Can you give us some insight to working with people like Milwaukee Banks, Remi, Slumberjack, and more recently The Presets? What would be the ultimate collaboration you'd love to work on?

KLP: Every collaboration is so different. The Presets track came about after I had met Julian on a songwriting camp, and afterwards we wrote a song of mine together (Back In The Room). All it took was an email from him one day asking for some vocals for a track on their record and I recorded a bunch in my studio and emailed them back! Same with Milwaukee Banks - I just hit him up online and he sent me vocals that I then put into the track. It’s pretty amazing how songs can come together like that from across the world. My ultimate collab would probably be with Pharrell Williams or maybe Beck… I love both of their writing and production. 

Futuremag Music: Your recent single 'Amnesia' builds upon the danceable, feel good pop discography. How'd you go about tackling the production and song writing on this one?

KLP: I wrote this in a few hours with a Melbourne producer called sbninety - he started playing around with the beat and then lyrics, and melody came pretty quick for me. Originally, I had pitched down a bunch of my vocals but then one morning I had this idea to actually get a guy to replace those so it sounds more organic. I played a show with Vincent Sole before and he was fantastic, so I shot him an email and he sent me vocals back. It all came together so smoothly. 

Futuremag Music: Audio visual artist Ego worked on the 'Amnesia' video, how did you guys meet? What was the process of creating such a video? 

KLP: I can’t even remember where I originally met Ego - he has done loads of visuals for great artists like Paces, LDRU, Nina Las Vegas etc. Again it was just me reaching out to him and sending the cover art as a a reference and then it all fell together. He has a great way with visuals!

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your new project Ricochet? What can we expect from Ricochet in the coming months?

KLP: It’s going to grow and develop into a whole bunch of things, but at this stage there is 1 event (that I am allowed to talk about hehe). It’s called Ricochet BALL and it’s essentially a big game of netball where everyone plays and raises money for different charities. Teams are from all sides of the creative industry so there are a teams from record labels, actors, musicians etc. It’s going to be a great day!

Futuremag Music: A sort of funny one to wrap it up, if KLP was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music? 

KLP: A cosmopolitan - because I look sweet but underneath the layers, there is a real tasty bite.