KNIGHTFALL Interview - Smooth Refined & Little Edgy

Think Luke Million, Daft Punk, and the edgiest grungy house producer joined forces then you get the legends behind KNIGHTFALL. Exploring darker of electro-house vibes their debut single, 'Speed Machine' has slipped it's way into our hearts!

Meet the mysterious duo behind the KNIGHTFALL project, where we chat about music, the creative process, and cocktails.

Futuremag Music: How did you move into music initially?

KNIGHTFALL:: It all started with the love for synths and analogue gear. Its a beautifully addictive passion to have!

Futuremag Music: How did you two meet?

KNIGHTFALL: The club scene in Melbourne, followed by the same tastes in music. We would constantly be in record stores looking for rare vinyls of all different kinds of music, which we would start sampling and making mixtapes eventually progressing to beat making and songwriting together.

Futuremag Music: Your most recent release is the 'Speed Machine' which we described as "rhythmic electro paired with grungy bass and big beats to create a dark yet groovey production." Is this the vibe you're going for all your future production? 

KNIGHTFALL: We rarely get too caught up with what other people are doing or trends, rather we have a workflow influenced by anything french-touch/ nu disco, which is definitely prominent throughout our work. There really are no boundaries!


Futuremag Music: What was the process of making the 'Speed Machine' music video, it's a schmick piece of production?

KNIGHTFALL: It was actually completely unexpected. We had been in LA for a few months on a writing/recording trip and catching up with friends, when the friend we were staying with, Nick Alexander had the idea to do a video for what was the demo of Speed Machine. She put the whole thing together with her team in about a week, organising everything from locations to talent, to post effects. We shot the whole clip in one day, literally the day before we flew back to Australia. So we had no intentionto shoot a video for Speed Machine, it all happened by accident.

Futuremag Music: If you could make a cocktail called “KNIGHTFALL” what would you put into it? To best describe you and your music. 

KNIGHTFALL: If KNIGHTFALL had a drink named after it, it would be based on a old fashioned. As a really good one is smooth refined, made with precision and quality ingredients, but we'd need to add a shot of White Sambuca to give it a little edgy and fire!! Just like us and our production... Hahahah  

Futuremag Music: What can we expect from KNIGHTFALL in the coming year?

KNIGHTFALL: We have a heap of music we've recorded so we're looking forward to consistently releasing it all. We're also currently putting together a live show which could mean some shows later in the year.