Lupa J Interview - A Dissociated State

After the release of her fiery new track ‘The Crash’, we had a chat to Sydney art-pop extraordinaire Lupa J!

Futuremag Music: How has life been since the release of ‘The Crash’?

Lupa J: Very very hectic!!! I feel like I’m not quite on top of anything, but it’s all really exciting - it’s the most support I’ve ever received for any release before.

Futuremag Music: ‘The Crash’ music video has awesome makeup, costumes and cinematography! How did you conceptualise the music video into reality?

Lupa J: I had all the key images / scenes for the video in my head when I first wrote the lyrics - drifting through a party in a dissociated state, running away with a girl in a car, holding the flaming torches. I also always knew I wanted to have two dancers manipulate my movements throughout the clip, and the overarching concept be that I was slowly ‘waking up’ and eventually taking control. I took this outline of the idea to Adam Scarf who then helped me figure out the logistics of the clip, and exactly where and how we would film it.

Futuremag Music: It’s of course part of your upcoming debut record Swallow Me Whole. Where do you plan on taking your sound in it?

Lupa J: It ranges from some of the most bright, upbeat pop I’ve ever made to some of the heaviest & most techno influenced stuff I’ve made too. There are a lot of different moods and emotions in it, but I reckon it all sort of sits within the same electronic synth based sound world.

Futuremag Music: Your music is such a cool blend of art-pop and goth, much like Grimes and Alice Glass, both of whom you have supported. How did you come to express yourself in this style of music?

Lupa J: Before I was introduced to Grimes, I never really listened to anything that electronic. I wanted to write songs, but I felt like writing on guitar or piano was my only option, neither of which I was any good at. Then my high school friend (and now bandmate) Mara introduced me to Grimes and I realised through watching what she did that I could just make songs entirely myself on a computer, and that there were infinite possibilities with that.

Futuremag Music: What does a Lupa J live show consist of?

Lupa J: I have two bandmates, one plays electronic SPD drums and the other plays violin through effects pedals and sings backing vocals. I trigger samples on a Roland SP404SX, experiment with vocals through a Kaoss Pad, and occasionally play violin too.

Futuremag Music: Thank you for your time today! Lastly, if you had to best describe your music as a cocktail, what would be in it?

Lupa J: I honestly don’t know if I can accurately answer this because I think I’ve only had two different cocktails in my life and don’t really know what was in them haha.

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