ËMMË Interview - Vivid Soundscapes

Meet ËMMË, one of Sydney's leading dance music producers.  ËMMË recently released 'Pass Me By', another sensational single to add to his extensive catalogue of vivid dance hits. We had a chat to ËMMË about his recent single, his relationship with music, and much more.

Futuremag Music: Hey ËMMË, how's things been? Jumping straight into it, can you talk us through your relationship with music over the years? 

ËMMË: Things are going! So dope to chat to you guys. Music and I have a turbulent relationship and I only really got back into it properly three or so years ago after some time out of the scene. I learnt the drums and classical flute from an early age so had a pretty strict musical upbringing through primary and high school. This turned into electronic music and DJing later on and after taking a break from it I ended up where I am today!

Futuremag Music: How'd you move into the future bass scene? Where do you see the genre progressing in the future?

ËMMË:To be honest, I don’t really see myself as a “future bass” artist – I mean, half of my other releases have been much more moombahton, electro kind of stuff. What’s important for me are melodies and I think that’s where the connection to future bass comes in. It’s a very melodic style and something that suits the way I like to work with pop-ish vocals. I think, as with all “genres”, there is a limited amount of time in the spotlight; but it will continue to develop and evolve into new forms of bass music. I’m sure there is much experimentation yet to come from the future bass world with some amazing artists out there pushing the sound.

ËMMË1 press pic.jpg

Futuremag Music: Your recent single, 'Pass Me By' is an absolute thumper! What went into the writing and production process to achieve such a rich and vivid soundscape?

ËMMË: Aw thanks guys! This song actually came about by me really getting into Seven Lions and some of his stuff. That inspired me to produce the chords and beat behind the drop and, after working with a friend on some ideas, the breakdowns fleshed out from there. But it wasn’t until I reached out to Ayelle and she threw a vocal idea over that the track really came to life. I mean, what you hear is basically the first idea she sent – she f**kn nailed it!

 Futuremag Music: Futuremag Music:A sort of weird one to wrap it up. If 'ËMMË' was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

ËMMË: Straight absinthe. Lots of fun but too much and you’ll start seeing fairies.