Mookhi Interview - Dreamy, Sharp, Eclectic & Transitory

Meet Sydney producer Mookhi, this stunning producer brings her fresh take on electro through sampling, and sweet production. Freshly out of the Women In Electronic Music Conference as part of Vivid Sydney, onto Splendour In The Grass, and gathering a heap of love from Triple J, Mookhi shines as one to watch in the electro scene.

Futuremag Music: When did you first start playing and experimenting with these sounds? When did everything start falling into place?

Mookhi: I've always been experimenting/composing with music, however It wasn't until recently that I got onto Ableton and started to actually experiment with found samples/synths/sounds to create whole tracks.  

Futuremag Music: Your tracks have such a combination of sounds and layers. How do you decide on how a track will sound? What do you work on first?

Mookhi: I guess it all starts with an impression of an idea. A lot of the 'successful' tracks I've finished were realistically completed within the span of a couple of days. I don't know what the completed track will sound like initially, but at least I get an 'impression' when I start something and run with it. 

Futuremag Music: Do sounds from the world around you also inspire your work? (birds, sirens etc)

Mookhi: Definitely. It makes the everyday/quotidian special. It brings familiarity to a track, but also a uniqueness with the pairing of these samples with chords/melodies/beats.

Futuremag Music: You're playing with/played with bands like Major Leagues and Bad Pony which have a heavier sound, how do/did you feel performing with such a varied sound?

Mookhi: You can entertain a crowd quite differently with what you bring to the table. Overall, I think the crowd was really responsive to all spectrums of music. They were there to have a great night, and everyone delivered in the unique ways. 

Futuremag Music: You're also on the Splendour act which is huge. Have you attended/played before? What are you expecting and are there any artists there you're excited to meet?

Mookhi: I've never been to a major music festival, let alone played at one. This is going to be pretty memorable for me and I'm beyond words as to how I will feel on stage. Bonobo is one of my biggest influences, so I'm simply just stoked to see him live. 

Futuremag Music: Are there any other up and coming musicians you have your eye on, or artists that you are inspired by?

Mookhi: Definitely! The scene is packed with very exciting acts, especially female-based ones. I'm loving Alice Ivy, Woodes, Elkkle and Azura. There are acts that are already at a great stage of their careers, but continuously pumping out great content like Golden Vessel and Willow Beats.  

Futuremag Music: Since your work is so experimental, are there any instruments or sounds you want to work with in the future?

Mookhi: If I could afford to work with every worldly instrument, I certainly would without a doubt. I've lived in India which has introduced me to a whole range of traditional instruments and tonalities. I think we can afford to introduce new sounds to the western music scenes.  

Futuremag Music: If "Mookhi" was a cocktail what would be in it. (To best describe yourself and your music?)

Mookhi: Absinthe, Mezcal, Allspice syrup, smoke - 'Dreamy, sharp, eclectic, transitory' 

Futuremag Music: Whats up next for you and your sound? Any plans for tours?

Mookhi: I try to make a beat a day, so I've got heaps of content to be thrown out there. Re. tours, I'm on the road with Tora for the next two weeks followed by Bishop Briggs then Splendour!