Moonbase Interview - Sweet And Sour Notes

Meet Sydney bass producer, Moonbase and his bombastic beats. We caught up with Moonbase just after the release of his third EP Avalanche. We delved into the EP’s creation, collaborations, and of course cocktails.

Futuremag Music: Hey Moonbase, what's good in your world?

Moonbase: I've been good - keeping busy and keeping healthy!

Futuremag Music: Jumping straight into it, could you please talk us through your sonic evolution between the Southpaw, Orthodox EPs and now Avalanche?

Moonbase: It's been a solid minute since I released the Southpaw and Orthodox EPs and a lot of things have happened in that time. In early 2018 I was diagnosed with brain cancer and went through surgery. Going through that experience forced me to take a step back from everything and concentrate solely on my health. In retrospect, having that time away was really beneficial, especially for my music. Avalanche is the first instalment in a series of new releases that I'm dropping this year. The EP explores a lot of new sonic spaces and acts as a sort of resetting point for me personally.

Futuremag Music: Each of your EPs and a majority of your singles have had multiple collaborators involved. How does your production and writing process work when collaborating with others?

Moonbase: Collaborating on music is always a unique experience. If I link up with someone for a studio session I'll always make sure to be armed with fresh beats. Starting off strong in a session is really important. Nobody wants to be stuck in a room listening to a producer sift through 500 kick drum samples - you want to have a fire beat ready to go so you can capture some magic. That being said, it doesn't matter if you're working face-to-face in the studio or across the internet - as long as there's a vibe present you can make it happen.

Futuremag Music: In relation to collaborations, could you talk us through how you looped up with Eyez, Miss Blanks, and DVNA for Avalanche?

Moonbase: I'm really humbled to have such a talented cast of collaborators appearing on this release, each with their own unique sound. I linked up with Eyez late last year while he was touring Australia with Big Zuu - after that, I sent him the beat and we worked on it from there. Miss Blanks is a longtime friend and collaborator of mine, so it was no-brainer to get her on a track. We've worked together heaps in the past and she's also released multiple projects on my label Trench Records. A friend recommended DVNA's music to me, actually! Her triple j Unearthed page was poppin' with amazing music so I hit her up from there.

Futuremag Music: To wrap it up, if Avalanche was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe its structure and sound?

Moonbase: I'd probably liken the EP to a whiskey sour because it's got a lot of different ingredients in it. It might not be to everyone's tastes but you get the sweet and sour notes through it.