Moonbase Commander Interview - Get Up, Make Beats, Go To Bed, Repeat.

The man behind Moonbase Commander (MBC) AKA Nick has given us an insight to the Australian music scene, and what it's like to be Australia's up and coming producers! MBC recently played at This That Festival in Newcastle, (Best Before Co PhotoCoverage HERE!) MBC lives and breathes the music industry; this is evident in all of the music this stellar musician produces. 

Futuremag: How did you start up with the Moonbase Commander project?
MBC: Coming through high school I started to become more and more interested in hip-hop and electronic music. It was always crazy to me how all the sounds behind artists like Flying Lotus or Mr. Oizo were just coming from one person and a computer. I did a little software research, got a computer and started making beats straight away.

Futuremag: What are some tunes/artist’s that have influenced your writing style, and technique?
MBC: It changes constantly. When I first started making music I drew a lot of inspiration from Venetian Snares. My sources of inspiration change from track to track though, sometimes it could be a movie, a piece of sound or just something I see driving through the city.

Futuremag: When you decide on beginning a new EP or single do you have a general plan or just wing it?
MBC: Making individual beats I usually don't have a plan for them until I get closer to a finished product. That being said though, I love to formulate ideas for releases even before I have a single piece of music written. I'm constantly thinking about art, videos and concepts that would go together for an EP or tape.

Futuremag: With your release of the Orthodox EP, you have some dark, abrasive, and hard hitting tunes! What are your plans for the future?
MBC: I plan to just keep it rolling. Keep making beats, keep playing shows, keep doing cool shit because that's what makes me happiest.

Futuremag: If you could play at any event or festival who’d be on the lineup, what festival/ event would it be?
MBC: House and warehouse parties are always the best. I love seeing a crazy line-up at a small cap show. Four4 (r.i.p), Flux, Father etc. always come correct with crazy shows.

Futuremag: What’s a general day like for the Moonbase Commander?
MBC: Get up, make beats, go to bed, repeat.