Ninajirachi Interview - Branching Tastes

Meet Ninajirachi, one of Australia's electro young guns killing it at the moment. We had a chat to Nina about her start in music, track curation, This That Festival, and so much more!

Futuremag Music: Hi Nina, how are you?

Ninajirachi: Hi, I’m really, really good at the moment!

Futuremag Music: Having started music production while in high school, how do you feel your music has changed as you’ve grown up?

Ninajirachi: It has changed soooo much, and the music I produce has always corresponded with that which I’m listening to. When I first started producing music I was trying to make electro house and trance because that’s what I was into at the time. Throughout year 9, the music I was interested in was more hip-hop/RnB/pop influenced indie electronic. My taste branches out further and further as the years go on. I find bits and pieces of influence from all the different types of music I’ve listened to over my life, and add it in the music I’m working on currently.


Futuremag Music: When it comes to putting together a setlist, how do you decide what to include? Do you have any essential tracks that you like to always include?

Ninajirachi: I order my tracks so that my sets gradually get faster and finish with much more energy than they start. I also build my set lists around the type of show I’m playing. At festivals I like to go a little harder, because the crowd members are usually pretty fucked up, or they don’t necessarily know my music that well and they just want to dance. I recently supported Mallrat around Australia and I got to build a set with lots of pop music and huge singalong songs, which was so much fun! I have a few favourites that seem to appear in most of my set lists because they’re just so fun and always make people dance, which is what I’m aiming to do in the end.

Futuremag Music: You’re opening for Crooked Colours on their East Coast tour and playing some festivals soon. What can fans expect from your set at this year’s This That Festival?

Ninajirachi: I can’t wait for these shows! I haven’t played at a festival in a while, so I will probably put together a new set for this summer. Definitely going to be playing songs from my new EP though.

Futuremag Music: To wrap things up. If ‘Ninajirachi’ was a cocktail, what would best describe yourself and your music?

Ninajirachi: Something fizzy and blue with lots of lemon, lime, mint and vodka.