Niterunner Interview - Coastal Freshness

Meet Niterunner, a brother-sister-brother trio based in Brisbane/Byron Bay. Beginning in 2014, Niterunner set out on a journey to create electronic based productions with ethereal and folk inspired vocals. Their goal is to create a fresh sound that reflects the laid-back coastal vibe of their upbringing in Northern NSW. We had a chat to the band about their recent single, their production, and what the future holds!

Futuremag Music: Has music always been a big part of Niterunner's life? Who are some of your biggest artist inspirations? 

Niterunner: We grew up in a home where music underpinned our daily lives. Our dad was a DJ and owned a record store in our hometown, and I think his passion for music really set the tone for us all to be creating from an early age. I think it was probably inevitable we would start a family band at some stage. Between the 3 of us, our artist inspirations are an interesting mix, but would have to include M83, Chic and Kimbra.

Futuremag Music: With the release of 'Impatient' last month, do we expect more singles, an EP or album in the future? 

Niterunner: We’re constantly working on new music and slowly polishing a new repertoire, without giving too much away we’d say to definitely expect some new releases on the not too distant horizon! Also keep your eyes peeled for some more sneaky collaborations ;)

Futuremag Music: How did it feel to support Phebe Starr on her Chronicles tour?

Niterunner: Amazing! We had so much fun supporting Phebe on her Chronicles tour, we met a whole bunch of crazy talented lovely people and it such was a joy watching them all do the thing they love!

Futuremag Music: What is your favourite part about doing live shows?

Niterunner: The best part of playing a live show would probably boil down to that feeling of vulnerability and love in sharing something that we’ve created, and in turn seeing an audience vibe off what they hear and reciprocate the love. That and just always having a fun time on stage together and meeting new people!

Futuremag Music: If you could make a cocktail called 'Niterunner', what would you put into it? To best describe you and your music.

Niterunner: If there was a cocktail that represented Niterunner, it would probably be a concoction of scotch, honey-ginger syrup and a spritz of fresh lemon juice; it’s got a bit of classic influence, some modern flavour and a touch of coastal freshness. Either that or a pale pink cosmopolitan served in a highball glass – something you’d imagine yourself drinking whilst watching a Californian sunset.

Futuremag Music: Where do see the Niterunner project going in the future? 

Niterunner: However far it will take us! The Niterunner project has fallen together so organically and we’re all so keen to keep creating, sharing more and more and seeing where it leads us. I think we’d all really love to travel with our music and that’d be a great goal for us to work towards.