Nyxen Interview - Retro Futurism

We caught up with one of Australia’s budding electro sensations, Nyxen. With countless outstanding releases and an immersive live show to her name, Nyxen is certainly making waves. We spoke to Nyxen about her newest release, ‘Insomnia’, writing music, and cocktails.

Futuremag Music: Hey Nyxen, how’s everything in your stretch of the woods?

Nyxen: Everything’s great! I just finished up the Crooked Colours 'Langata' tour which was amazing, and also just dropped my brand new single 'Insomnia'. 

Futuremag Music: Could you talk us through the release of ‘Insomnia’? What went into the production and writing of the single? 

Nyxen: This song took a while to come together. I started writing it in July last year, the song sounds so different now although the theme was always the same. I naturally tend to write about what I’m experiencing and at that particular time I was finding myself awake until 5am some nights so I ended up sitting in bed piecing this song together. It took on a whole new life when I bought myself a Prophet Rev 2 (synthesiser). The lead lines in Insomnia were the first thing I recorded after bringing it home and it started to morph into what it is today.

Nyxen - Alt Press Shot (Portrait).jpg

Futuremag Music: Can you outline the track’s theming? What areas of the single resonate with you? 

Nyxen: I’ve been playing with the concept of Retro Futurism for the last year or so. Retro futurism is based on the depictions of the future from the past. I’m obsessed with everything 80’s and cyberpunk movies from that era so I wanted my retro futuristic world to be influenced by that period. The aim moving forward is to try and write music to soundtrack that world and tell different stories and narratives that might be taking place within it.

Everything about the single resonates with me, I become extremely obsessed with whatever song I'm working on and try to pour myself into it entirely and listen to nothing but the progress I've made on it. I'm just really excited to be setting it free now.

Futuremag Music: A funny one to wrap it up. If ‘Nyxen’ was a cocktail, what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music? 

Nyxen: I think I’d just stick to the classic Espresso Martini recipe. It’s the only cocktail I like and I feel the aesthetic of it matches the Nyxen vibe. Dark and slightly nostalgic with some grit, never be caught with one before sunset.

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