Oh Boy Interview - So Good

Meet Oh Boy, a Sydney sider with an impeccable taste for bubble gum pop. With a solid discography behind him, and a shining future ahead, Oh Boy has become one to watch in the electronic realm. We caught up with Will, the man behind the Oh Boy project to talk about his new single ‘So Good’ featuring Tashka, the Alison Wonderland EXTRA support act campaign, and much more!

Futuremag Music: Hey Oh Boy, how's life down in Sydney?

Oh Boy: Hi there, It's busy down here! Something is constantly happening which is good, but also very nonstop! I've been creating a lot though and it's been making me happy. My dogs are good and so are my housemates so everything is bliss! Shout out to my housemates Clare (my girl friend), Curtis (AKA, Tanssi aka engineer extraordinaire aka makes all my music actually sound good), Ollie (AKA, LOVER.), Keira (AKA, Kez) and Clare (AKA, Berk).

Futuremag Music: Alison Wonderland's EXTRA support acts' recently uploaded a live performance video of your unreleased single 'So Good' featuring Tashka. How'd you meet Tashka? What went into the production and writing process of 'So Good'? 

Oh Boy: YES they have yay! Tashka and I have a lot of mutual friends and we became internet friends one day (I'm pretty sure via angel boy, Donatachi) and just decided we would work together one day.

I actually wrote the instrumental over a year ago but the song was never finished. Then once this campaign came about they were keen to use the beat and I hit up Tashka. We ended up finishing the song within a few days in order to make the campaign deadline, hahah.

Futuremag Music: Throwing it back to the video. How'd the live video come about? How did you loop up with Alison Wonderland and EXTRA?

Oh Boy: Alison Wonderland hand picked a few people and I happened to be one of them somehow! I know some incredible work behind the scenes by my manager Lilly went into it. Lots of love to EXTRA for the opportunity, it's been amazing with Alison Wonderland! We hung out a little bit and she gave me advice that I needed to hear and now I cherish it.

Futuremag Music: You've also done a shoot with Diesel Australia. Can you talk us through the campaign, your personal style and your thoughts on fashion? How did you feel fashion and music can collaborate in the future?

Oh Boy: Diesel have been so supportive of me! The campaign I participated in was a collection inspired by the underground Japanese Techno culture. They have some really nice pieces, I got to keep a few and I wear them most days.

My thoughts on fashion are that, if it makes you feel good and you think you look good in what you are wearing then go with that! Work it, flaunt it, do whatever, just do you! I feel like fashion and music are forever collaborating, there’s usually a culture for each genres. I kinda always picture them together. I always have outfits and colour palettes in my mind for every song I make.

Futuremag Music: Closing it out. If 'Oh Boy' was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Oh Boy: Flowers, Crystals, Fruits and “natural psychoactive substances.”