Petit Biscuit Interview - Blending Electro & Acoustic

Meet Petit Biscuit, France’s electro golden child, who’s been taking the world by storm. Petit Biscuit’s signature sound has been forged through the combination of acoustic elements, innovative electronic production and his trademark vocal manipulations. We had a chat to Petit Biscuit about his production, debut album Presence and his forthcoming Australian tour.

Futuremag Music: Hey Petit Biscuit, how's life?

Petit Biscuit: Hi, nice to meet you ! I’m alright, about to come to Australia for the first time, I’m excited, for real!

Futuremag Music: Jumping into it, how did you move into production?

Petit Biscuit: When I was 12, on the internet, I discovered I could use a computer to create some music while browsing a forum, and that was a revelation. I spent all my time trying to create some sounds, first reproducing some songs I knew and then I started creating my own tracks. I think I waited for something like 3 years to start being happy with what I did.

Futuremag Music: Where does you love of music comes from?

Petit Biscuit: I’ve been practicing music since I’ve learnt how to breathe! I started cello at a small music school near my home. We had group courses as a small orchestra and after every class, I was hanging there for an hour to try every instruments I could, I was really curious.

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your debut album Presence? What went into the writing process? What is your favourite part writing a track?

Petit Biscuit: I consider Presence as my most complete project. I was thinking since so long of creating an album because it tells so much more than a single or an EP, that was the only way to show all the different sides of Petit Biscuit. I’ve composed Presence after the success of Sunset Lover, so I was always on tour. It’s a difficult way to compose an album, but all the things I lived that literally changed my life, also all the things I lived on tour, helped me create this eclectic album. 14 tracks, featuring with Lido, Bipolar Sunshine, Møme & more and today I’m really happy of this release.

Futuremag Music: You're headed down to Australia for Listen Out Festival. What can Aussie fans expect from your live performance?

Petit Biscuit: It’s going to be my first live performances here and I’m really excited! I’m coming with a bunch of instruments, but I like staying simple and keeping essentials. I’m trying to get people to my universe, something airy, happy, and in a second time louder, darker. 

Futuremag Music: What are you looking forward to about visiting Australia?

Petit Biscuit: Just discovering the environment is exciting to me! I mean, I think it’s going to be really different than everything I saw in Europe and in the USA. Also when I go for the first time in a country, it’s funny to see what are the differences between how you imagined the country and how it really is when you’re finally there.

Futuremag Music: A sort of funny one to wrap it up, if 'Petit Biscuit' was a cocktail, what ingredients would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Petit Biscuit: A subtle blend of electronic spirit, world music mixer with some pop music bitter as well. I want to be a cocktail that makes you feel something strong!