Samsaruh Interview - An Independent Star

Meet Samsaruh, one of Australia's prominent developing acts. Samsaruh has been making waves within the Australian music scene with her selection of sensational singles under her belt, and outstanding live performances. We had a chat to Samsaruh about her new single, 'Speaking Fire', her forthcoming performances at BIGSOUND and This That Festival, as well as the development of the project.

Futuremag Music: Hey Samsaruh, how’ve you been?

Samsaruh: Great hahaha! Whenever someone asks me what I’ve been up to I’m like “I don’t even know, time goes by so quick!”

Pretty much I’ve just finished touring with Hot Dub Time Machine, and have been working with my new single, ‘Speaking Fire’. On top of all that I’ve been getting ready to play BIGSOUND, and my other headline shows. I’ve also been busy in the studio, working on some new stuff.

Futuremag Music: You were saying you’ve just released a new single, and touring. What’s that process like as an independent artist?

Samsaruh: Being an unsigned artist is cool. I really like it because you have a lot of creative control in what you do, and what you release, so it’s neat in that sense. Sometimes it can be a bit stressful because there’s a lot you need to think about and do yourself. There’s a lot of decisions that are on your shoulders, and sometimes it’s good to get professional opinions. Overall, it’s great!

Samsaruh Red Edit.jpg

Futuremag Music: Can you talk us through your relationship with music over the years?

Samsaruh:  I’ve always been into music, ever since I can remember. I technically started singing lessons when I was eight years old, and I fell in love with music! There was nothing else I was good at, or I loved. When I started singing it was this weird thing, and I thought “this is exactly what I want to do with my life”. When I was 10, I told my whole family that I wanted to be a songwriter. I made a bet with my mum for $100 that when I grew up I’d be a songwriter and I wasn’t just a little kid with a dream that would fade away.

When I entered high school I began to write my own music, busk, and I released my first EP. I eventually changed my name to Samsaruh, and released my debut single ‘Golden To Thrive’ just over a year ago. It sounds like it has developed quickly over the years, but it feels like a lifetime of music.

Futuremag Music: Continuing on with that, you’ve exploded in the past year. How has your new single ‘Speaking Fire’ fit into your growth?

Samsaruh:  I worked with a Melbourne production duo called nightflare, and they’re the same people I worked with for ‘Beautiful Killer’ and ‘Golden To Thrive’. Then we had Oscar Dawson from Holy Holy to mix the track as well.

I guess the process is a bit different when writing each track. I went into a session with an idea to make an aggressive and edgy track. Something that would end up much different from my previous works. We collaborated on it all, from the music to the melodies, where the lyrics fitted, etcetera. After a bit of time we came up with ‘Speaking Fire’. It sounds so simple but there’s so much more detail to the process. It’s just hard to explain all the ins and outs.

Futuremag Music: Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say more edgy and aggressive than your previous work?

Samsaruh:  I guess with my previous tracks, the sound was in a developmental stage of me as an artist. I feel the tracks didn’t have the same aggressive nature that my voice has now, and the production was less rock driven. I’ve moved on from the poppy vibe and developed a lot as an artist. I’m finding my feet as an artist and expressing who I want to be and what I want to be.

Futuremag Music: You were saying you’ll be touring for ‘Speaking Fire’. What can fans expect from your performances at BIGSOUND, your headline shows, and your feature at This That Festival later in November?

Samsaruh:  Well my band is going to be there for all the shows, so that’ll be cool. I honestly can’t wait to rock out with everyone and share some of my soon to be released tunes as well! I think the unreleased tracks will be a bit of a surprise. I want every show to be different and special. I guess if you want the full experience you’ll have to come and see me play live, hahaha!

Futuremag Music: I know This That is a little while away, but what are you keen about the festival?

Samsaruh:  Keen to have a good time! I’ve never really played Newcastle, so it’ll be awesome to hang out there. I’ve always been seeing This That pop up on my socials over the years, and I’m like “damn, there’s always so many cool artists playing, and I want to go”. Now I’m finally going and playing too, which is amazing.

There’re so many people on the line up that I want to see! I’m really keen to see Boo Seeka; I’ve seen them perform so many times, it’s ridiculous. I never get sick of their music, especially hanging out and listening to it live. I also can’t wait to see SAFIA, Thandi Phoenix, and Just A Gent.

Futuremag Music: That’s sick, it’s set to be a great festival! A funny one to wrap it up. If ‘Samsaruh’ was a cocktail what would be in it to best describe yourself and your music?

Samsaruh: Honestly, if I was a cocktail I would really enjoy being an espresso martini. Not because of the look, or it suits me per say, but because I really love espresso martinis. Why not be what you love right?! If I wasn’t an espresso martini, I’d be one of those cocktails that’s on fire, cause they’re sultry and they fit into the Samsaruh vibe.